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Archive March 12, 2019

Choosing the Right Internet Provider

There are various ways to connect to the Internet and choosing the right Internet provider is important to ensure that you’re online activity runs as smoothly as possible. If you’re watching films online, you don’t want it to pause every 5 minutes so that the next section of the films loads. If you’re playing a game online, you don’t want the game to suddenly stop, only to find that 10 seconds later, your enemy has defeated you and your lying in the gutter somewhere. Therefore it’s important to choose the right Internet connection for your needs.

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The most popular ways of getting connected is by Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Cable Internet, dial-up and mobile Internet access.

Digital Subscriber Line is where you are connected to the Internet using the telephone line in home high speed internet providers. The telephone line is split into two lines, one for the DSL connection and the other for home phone, meaning you can make and receive phone calls while surfing the Internet. This method offers a high speed connection, allowing you to stream films smoothly online and play games without any loading interruptions.

You may already be familiar with the term broadband and heard it on TV and other media; well broadband Internet is a type of DSL connection, more specifically Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. The asymmetric part means that more information is being downloaded from the Internet to the user’s computer than the data that is being sent to the Internet. The reason for this is because a lot of unlimited internet data being sent to the user’s computer is in the form of streaming music, videos and games.

Like DSL, cable Internet also offers a high speed connection, but the way it connects is slightly different; it uses the cable that is used to bring your television signal. Many cable Internet providers can provide a number of services, including digital television, cheaper phone calls along with access to the Internet, allowing people to save money. However, as cable Internet resources are shared amongst people living in the same area, users can experience fluctuating speeds at certain times of the day.

Dial-up Internet access is where your computer uses an attached modem to dial a special number to connect with their Internet provider. Due to the slow speeds this connection offers, many people are switching to the other two types of connections to keep up with the demands of their online activity. This is an ideal method for those who don’t want to be fixed to a contract, paying a lot of money when they only want to use the Internet for checking e-mails or searching for information.

fibre optic network is a method of accessing the Internet using mobile devices such as a laptop outside the home in public spaces. This can be done through the use of, for example, a dongle or USB modem that connects to the portable device using the USB port. Mobile Internet is a great way …