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“COVID-19 has brought the finest humanitarian efforts out of all of us, and this music reminds us that we will need every other to endure. Unity is not just a further captivating phrase we’ve all been in some way or a further impacted by this international pandemic. Even so demanding it is, we know the only way out is to remain united as a men and women,” claims Self confidence (Songwriter).

Push Launch

updated: May 5, 2020 09:00 EDT

In this time of great uncertainty, the world requirements a thing therapeutic and grounding for encouragement to persevere. ‘United We Stand’ – the new music by Black Starliner Studios off the ‘Confidence Is Key’ album – highlights the international participation in flattening the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Black Starliner Studios is happy to launch its New Album ‘Confidence is Key’ by its newly signed artist – Self confidence. The album is composed of six tracks, including the single “United We Stand,” dubbed the official COVID-19 victory music. Bringing collectively 16 artists to its 1-quit audio production and administration facility in Canada, the organization productively projected that our Victory is in our Humanity.

“United We Stand” is a obvious unity undertaking that speaks, displays, and assignments unity in the midst of the pandemic. Aside from becoming a therapeutic escape to maintain us centered on the favourable, it also emphasizes the efforts of every person working tirelessly to flatten the curve.

“The victory music is committed to necessary workers who are actively watching out for every person, regardless of the problem of putting their very own lives at threat, and every person who has contributed economically. We want them to know that we see, acknowledge and celebrate their resilience as we occur collectively as 1,” claims Self confidence.

The sixteen artists included in this undertaking are delighted to engage in a crucial part in their very own way. It is beneficial that we do away with panicking as we face this pandemic and acquire all motion with a distinct, tranquil thoughts and sensible reasoning. Together, we all engage in a balancing contribution to maintain progress and preserve as much peace and security as we can.

The thoughts (singer, songwriter, musical director & producer) guiding this album is no other than Self confidence Survival Eyong a Canadian-based, Nigerian Sankofa artist who has been honing her techniques working tirelessly on the recently produced album given that 2018. The album was absolutely administered and recorded at Black Starliner Studios and lends alone as considerably as Jamaica to the knowledgeable Grammy Award-profitable Gregory Morris and Rohan Dwyer for both of those the mix and master engineering. 

​Watch the ‘United We Stand’ Pre-Launch Online video, where the artists share their views on the undertaking.

Supply: Black Starliner Studios