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Experience the Miraculous Effects of Music

Music can be defined as an art of sound that expresses feelings, emotions, and ideas. It can be presented through the elements of rhythm, melody, and harmony through various instruments and voices. It is a way to express one’s feeling through various instruments and lyrics. One cannot imagine a life without music. Listening to music improves our mental and physical health in many ways. Learning music also has its own benefits like taking musical training can help raise our IQs.

Benefits of listening to music:

• It can decrease the level of the stress hormones in your body which affects the chronic stress. It can be a stress healer as it has a direct effect on our hormones. It can also be considered as a natural antidepressant.

• The people who are actively listening or making music have a better immune system than that of a passive listener.

• For people who are suffering from insomnia, listening to the instrument or relaxing classical music before bedtime can help you catch some Zs.

• Listening to music can be helpful in reducing pain and emotions. Whether you had a breakup or have lost someone close to you; music can help you get over the feelings of loneliness as it gives you an emotional boost.

• When you listen to music your brain releases dopamine, a chemical that can increase the feelings of happiness, excitement, and joy.

• Listening to music is like exercise to our brain. A person who has some sort of memory problem or brain damage can regain partial or full access of their past memory (depending upon the severity of the patient) by listening to music. It is also found beneficial for the health of the brain of people of older ages.

• As our memory has a strong connection with the music we like, it can help recall old memories as the rhythm and sound of music stay within the depths of our mind for a long time.

• No matter the genre, listening to music enables the brain release endorphins which help in the improvement of vascular health.

• Listening to music daily for about 30 minutes can help you de-stress, slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.

• It might be weird but if you listen to soft music in combination with soft light, you tend to consume less food as you enjoy it more than the food.

• It can be a get way to pass your time while traveling. If you have to drive for a long distance then listening to music can help boost your mood while driving and can prevent you from sleep leading to a safer behavior and fewer road accidents.

Add music to your life and experience its miraculous benefits!

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