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To do animation you will have to have some area of interest as animation is such a broad specialized subject. The basis of animation is to simply create the illusion of moment from still images or objects referred to as modeling or meshing.

Today with video real time on-line and manual training more and more people is selected the home training approach by following step by step training and manual guides. There is no difference here with animation as the concept is the same. If you were to take up the adventure of animation, you will in time know how to do animation as that is the only path to follow. Nowadays this is a more practical approach as to learning how the animation software application functions you are teaching yourself.

So lets go back in time, to be an animator you need an artist or somebody who can draw. Lest keep it simple lets draw a stick figure on a piece of paper. This would be the first step to animation. It is referred to as modeling, which is 3D. Now we have to create an animation and make that stick figure give people the illusion of movement.

To create illusion of movement in this case, create animation you will have to draw another identical sick figure with a s very slight variance for example draw the next figure with the leg slightly forward. If you draw enough images behind each other you will see the leg moving as you flick back and forward through the pages, artist use tracing paper to flick back and forward to create smooth motion this flicking motion is what a time line does.

So now we have the stick image walking around lifting his arm. Maybe even running or jumping. Once this effect has happened by flicking or using time-lines, you have just learn t how you do animation.

No from this point it gets as complicated and as technical as your Imagination.

People are highly skilled in on e are of animation or field of animation like modeling, light and shading, meshing, morphing etc.

The next thing to do one be to add maybe some clothes to your stick figure, how about giving it some colour. Now you are getting hot. The next thing to do is develop a background scene for your walking skipping now clothed stick figure, how about beach scenery?

This is in animation referred to layout and structure. You could then take it to the next level and add the sun and start putting sun shadows onto your stick image. This lighting and shading is a highly specialized field of expertise, this is the path to 3d animation.

Now you are looking like you know how to do animation. We have a stick figure running and jumping along a beach front on a hot sunny and can chase his own shadow. No you could add maybe a little wind. You could go on for ever.

But you have not done any animation, it needs to be an illusion to others and all you simply do is video record yourself flicking the pages or video formatting it with a time line.

This is great fun but very time consuming, to really get to know how people do animation simply download a 3d animation software, study it, master it mix it with determination and patience and you will not only know how to do animation, but be animating. Really want to know about animation and how it is done, and want tools and training you need.

Thank you for reading how do you do animation.

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