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2nd City displays may possibly not be occurring dwell right now, but that does not signify its cast isn’t getting laughs. Mainstage cast member Natalie Metcalfe just unveiled a hilarious YouTube sketch featuring some of her 2nd City colleagues about some thing we can all relate to, but especially gals. When public restrooms are closed, what do you do about peeing?

The three-and-a-fifty percent-moment scene fears a woman (Metcalfe) going for walks in a park who will get fed up when she sees a male (Christian Smith) relieving himself near a tree.

“It must be nice to just pee anywhere you want for the duration of a pandemic,” she tells him. He, of class, tries denying what he was doing.

“Everywhere I go now it’s just dudes dicking out,” she carries on, “just pissing anywhere they want.”

When Smith says which is not genuine, the camera cuts to SC cast member Alan Shane Lewis approaching a tree, doing his business and then finishing with a zip-up ritual that also will get carefully satirized.

Metcalfe, who directed the shorter film with Danny Nash, features good facts about having to system one’s whole day about exactly where a washroom is. The sketch also skewers bro lifestyle. Smith, Lewis and Chris Wilson down beers, which of class qualified prospects to more… you know what.

And the finale is so funny it could make you—you realized it was coming—pee your pants laughing.

This is just one instance of comics satirizing our bizarre lives for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. A few months ago, soon after the controversial kiss scene amongst strangers occurred for the duration of a dwell news location at Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park, Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll skewered it savagely here.

We need to have comedy far more than ever. And if we just can’t get it dwell, it’s fantastic to know we can get it on-line. In the meantime, test not to chuckle wondering about this video following time you are peeing for the duration of the pandemic.