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[Warning: This tale freely discusses the plot of “Sonic the Hedgehog.” Viewers wishing to avoid spoilers need to go see the movie before proceeding below.]

In “Sonic the Hedgehog,” the dwell-action adaptation of the beloved Sega video clip activity collection, the lightning-quick titular character goes on a street vacation to acquire some gold rings and finally has a likelihood to make authentic close friends. Of course, he encounters a zany villain who makes points a small complicated.

People who have observed the movie, which strike theaters Friday, know the reply to one particular really important issue that plagues several a moviegoer: Does this movie have a article-credits scene?

The reply: “Sonic the Hedgehog” has one particular pre-credits tag that is demonstrated after the key tale from the movie is wrapped, and one particular mid-credits scene demonstrated appropriate before the common end credits begin to roll. And yes, equally scenes tease the likelihood of a sequel.

Featuring Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic, “Sonic the Hedgehog” eschews most elements from the first video clip activity in favor of a tale about friendship, group and household. But there are a great deal of Easter eggs that wink to enthusiasts of the games together the way (these types of as what seems to be an echidna tribe in the film’s opening times, or how Sonic has found refuge in Green Hills, Mont.).

Both equally bonus scenes element extra direct nods to Sonic’s video clip activity origins.

Jim Carrey in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’

Jim Carrey plays Dr. Robotnik in “Sonic the Hedgehog.”

(Paramount Photographs Sega of The us)

The initial more scene is a kind of pre-credits tag that comes instantly after the title card at the end of the movie that shows Dr. Robotnik’s destiny after Sonic sent him to a mushroom earth.

Performed by Jim Carrey, the diabolical Dr. Robotnik’s visual appearance was not as video clip activity-correct as Sonic’s for the duration of a vast majority of the movie. But a vacation through a warp ring gave the mad scientist the makeover he deserved. Now bald with a wild bushy mustache, Robotnik appears to be self-confident that he will find his way off the mushroom earth and again to Earth.

Also known as Dr. Eggman (per his first Japanese identify, which has since merged with his formal English moniker), Robotnik has extended been Sonic’s key nemesis and is remembered for his extra egg-formed silhouette even though his layout has been revamped since his sixteen-little bit debut.

Staying trapped on a mushroom earth could be observed as a dig at Nintendo’s Mario franchise and its Mushroom Kingdom dominated by Princess Peach, but Sonic games have highlighted mushroom-themed degrees as effectively. Possibly way it appears to be Sonic may possibly not have observed the final of Dr. Eggman.

The second bonus scene comes after the animated, video clip activity-influenced credits and introduces a lover favored character from the “Sonic” franchise.

Some wind picks up in a forest outdoors of town before a warp ring seems and Tails makes his way to Earth. Following taking a appear at some kind of monitoring unit, he flies off into the distance, saying, “I hope I’m not far too late.”

First showing up in the 1992 sequel activity “Sonic the Hedgehog two,” Tails, aka Miles Prower, has extended been Sonic’s most effective good friend and trustworthy ally. He is a two-tailed fox that is able to fly by rotating them like helicopter blades. Tails is also usually known to be a experienced pilot and mechanical genius.

What Tails is hoping he is “not far too late” for, nonetheless, stays a thriller that only a sequel can solve.