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The focus of my articles is to study the runes as they relate to health, well-being and protection.

The position I have taken, as a 21st Century Rune Master, is to bring the Runes into the 21st Century, to use and not go back to the Viking Age (Mentally or emotionally.)

Going back in time to use magic, runes, energies is fraught with danger and usually contains lost of unwanted baggage.

But we must still understand the past, so that we can learn and not make the same mistakes in the Now.

Many of the Runes our Ancestors used, were grouped into nine rune songs. Four were dedicated to health and protection. For preventing illness and childbirth. The remaining five rune songs are for Victory, Magic, Speech and Spirit.

Many of the rune healing secrets are contained in the ancient Norse, Icelandic and Irish sagas; In Celtic and Germanic legends and the old English poem Beowulf. I will touch slightly on only a few.

Runic healing miracles such as found in the Icelandic saga of Glum the Murderer, tells the story of a woman whose close relative had been killed.

She took the corpse and laid him gently in the cart, then took him home and cleansed and bandaged his wounds, marking them with runes. When she finished he started to speak.

Do you recall in the movie “Conan”, when the wizard painted runes on the dead body of Conan? He too came back to life.

These short articles I write are intended as beacons, as pointers to show you the way to find more articles on the subject. Use my key words to surf the net.

In the Saga of the Men of Vapnfjord, it tells of a doctor or healer called Thorvard. He was considered the best healer in the area. He spent seven nights healing the badly wounded Thorkel, using his runic skills. Thorkell was healed and Thorvard was given a horse and a silver bracelet. Quite a fee.

In the Gretta Saga, Gretta is wounded and Gangrene started to set in. His brother illugl treated him with runes. He watched him day and night, taking care of nothing else. Gretta was healed.

In the Sago of King H Rolf, a runic healing also takes place. King Hrolf had received two wounds in his arms and lost an eye. Queen Yrea healed him.

In the tale of Egil and Asmund, we learn about Viking surgery.

Egil had lost a hand in a fight and a dwarf dressed the stump. The dwarf made Egil a sword that had a hilt in the form of a socket so he could use it.

Later Egil met an old giantess, who had kept his hand and had it wrapped in “Life herbs.” She told Egil she wanted to try and graft the hand back on his arm.

She took off the socket, deadened the arm and trimmed the stump. She put “Life-Herbs on it wrapped it in silk and sang her Rune Song.

Three days later Egil had complete use of his hand and arm.

Our ancestors had impressive medical knowledge using runes and herbs.

I will not put the rest fo the rune songs here in my article for all to see. The magic in the healing runes is the price that has been paid by the seeker. The price for diligence, persistence and willingness to seek out for oneself. Free gifts have no value. Unless there is a hidden cost that has been paid.

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