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A home entertainment system can act as a very good movie theater replacement. Buy a high quality LCD/Plasma TV, plug in a Blu-Ray player, add a top notch set of wireless speakers for home theater, and you will have a system that will match the very best cinema halls. More than that, you won’t have to pay $20 for overpriced popcorn and cold drinks, and anyone walking into your home will definitely be impressed with your home entertainment setup.

The TV is, without doubt, the cornerstone of any decent home entertainment system. But the speaker system is equally, if not more, important. Half the experience of watching a movie in a theater is the sound. A gunshot goes off behind the protagonist, and you feel the sound coming from behind you. A car crash on the left of the screen feels more real because the sound comes from that direction. A set of wireless speakers for home theater can give you the same effects as a movie hall, right in your living room.

Wireless Systems have Wires

I want to first dispel one myth that most people tend to believe: wireless speakers actually have wires. There is no completely wire-free solution available in the market as of now. Electrical power supply still requires wires. All the speakers still need to be connected to the signal transmitter. In other words, a completely wireless system is still a pipe dream.

Wireless speakers for home theater work either on radio frequencies (RF) or infra-red signals. The former is more common than the latter. All the speakers must be connected via wires to a transmitter that relays audio signals to a receiver plugged into the TV screen. Further, every speaker must have its own source of power via an AC outlet, and this can be done only through wires. So in reality, any wireless system has plenty of wires.

Now, you’re obviously thinking: why even invest in a wireless system for home theater? While it is true that these speakers have wires, they are a lot less obstrusive than a conventional surround sound system. In a conventional set of home theater speakers, the wires need to run around the room to power the speakers at the back. This looks untidy and is highly obstrusive.

Wireless speakers for home theater eliminate this mess. The speakers at the back only need to be connected to the transmitter and an AC power source. You don’t need to run them around the room to the TV screen. This saves you from a huge organizational hassle.

Worth the Price Tag

Wireless speakers have received their fair share of criticism. When launched initially, they were underpowered, had tiny bass and the audio clarity was less than satisfactory. Further, the price tags were exorbitant. There were few companies in the market and the lack of choice only made it more difficult for the consumer.

A lot of that has changed now. The technology used in wireless speakers for home theater has improved dramatically today. The bass and sound quality offered by these speakers matches their conventional wired counterparts. The number of wires used in such a surround sound system has come down steadily and perhaps, a few years into the future, we may see truly wireless systems.

Further, with increased competition and reduced component costs, the prices have plunged dramatically. Today, you can buy a basic system for less than $500. Virtually every major audio company offers an extensive range of wireless speakers. The consumer has been spoiled for choice.

Future Proof

If you are setting up your home entertainment system today, investing in a wireless speakers for home theater should be an automatic choice. It would make your entertainment system virtually future proof, besides various other benefits. The cost is more than affordable, and the lack of wires only makes the system easier to setup and maintain.

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