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The critical and commercial success of such movies as A Star is Born, has helped Heather Parry further establish her name as a reputable producer. Despite her passion for film production, Parry, who believes in ensuring that actors are comfortable so they won’t want to work for anyone else, has never considered acting herself. She revealed this in an interview with The Morning Call where she added that she’d rather oversee things, a role she has played so well given the number of award-winning productions under her belt.


Other awards nabbed by A Star is Born include the 2019 BAFTA award for Original Music, the 2019 AFI award for Movie of the Year, and the 2018 Capri, Hollywood award for Best Sound Editing. Gaga won the 2018 Atlanta Film Critics Circle award for Breakthrough Performer while Cooper bagged the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.


This critically acclaimed remake, which had a budget of $36 million, raked in over $434 million globally. On its opening night, A Star is Born appealed to most moviegoers across North America, including Canada as it obtained an A+ Cinemascore. Parry’s production prowess paid off as the movie was nominated for eight Oscars. Of those eight, it scooped the award for Best Original Song for one of its evocative songs, Shallow, which was performed by Gaga and Cooper.


The self-professed multitasker, whose dream is to work with Jay Z and Beyoncé on “anything” is now focused on her career as an independent producer. With her track record and a strong network of artists and producers, one has no doubt that Macungie-born Heather Parry will continue to shine in an industry that continues to be male-dominated.