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Leaps of Religion: An Immigrant’s Odyssey of Battle, Success, and Support to His Country (Foreword by President Monthly bill Clinton)

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up to date: Jul 6, 2020 14:00 EDT

When he was appointed ambassador to Fiji, M. Osman Siddique imagined waving the U.S. flag with one particular hand while holding a piña colada in the other. How could he have known the desire work would land him in the middle of a paramilitary coup? It is just one particular a lot more enthralling chapter in the extraordinary life of a Bangladeshi immigrant who came to the United States to discover the American desire. And discover it he did, first as a hugely profitable entrepreneur and then as America’s first serving Muslim ambassador. By way of it all, he attained an appreciation for the U.S., distinctive to people who come to the nation from somewhere else, an appreciation for the freedoms established by the Founding Fathers and certain by the Structure —“The wonder of The usa.”

Leaps of Religion: An Immigrant’s Odyssey of Battle, Success, and Support to his Country is the pleasant memoir of a person humbled by the alternatives of his new land and by the prospects he discovered—in organization, in love, in household, and, in the end, in federal government services. Ambassador Siddique reflects on his previous and seems to be to the future—his upcoming and the upcoming of The usa. In the turbulent seas of our times, can The usa continue to be the beacon of hope for the world that it was to him?

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Pick Progress Praise for Leaps of Religion:

“What shines forth the brightest in this memoir is Osman’s unwavering faith -in himself, in his community, and, most assuredly, in his nation.” – President Monthly bill Clinton

“Ambassador Siddique has published an extraordinary e-book about his extraordinary life. The usa is significantly far better for his having immigrated listed here and served his nation so ably.” – David M. Rubenstein, Co-Founder and Co-Government Chairman, Carlyle Group

“Osman Siddique’s memoir is a lively and perfectly-published account of his journey to the American Aspiration a journey that took him from his childhood in Bangladesh to a profitable vocation as an entrepreneur in the United States, and then symbolizing the nation as U.S. ambassador to Fiji. It is really a journey and a fascinating examine.” – Peter Bergen, Vice President of New The usa, writer, journalist, and countrywide commentator on stability challenges. His most recent e-book is Trump and his Generals.

About the Creator

Ambassador M. Osman Siddique served as an American ambassador to two presidents, preceded by a profitable twenty five-calendar year vocation in organization. In 1999, President Clinton appointed Siddique ambassador to Fiji, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Nauru. Adhering to the 2000 Fijian paramilitary coup, Ambassador Siddique performed a crucial position in the restoration of democracy and the rehabilitation of the nation.

He is accessible for media interviews and can be achieved by way of electronic mail at [email protected]. More information can on top of that be identified at his website:

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