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The new launch “Science of a Content Brain: Flourishing in the Age of Anger, Stress, and Habit” from Page Publishing author Dr. Jay Kumar is a one of a kind plan developed and synthesized from both equally timeless spiritual wisdom and new developments in mind science. It is a design for accomplishing sustainable joy that draws the best from two realms of human inquiry—science and spirituality.

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up-to-date: Feb 7, 2020 06:00 EST

Dr. Jay is a renowned general public speaker and imagined leader whose experience spans brain science, behavioral wellness, economics, politics, society, and faith. He is also the inaugural Director of Contemplative Techniques & Wellbeing at Chapman College in California. Dr. Jay’s hottest guide “Science of a Content Brain: Flourishing in the Age of Anger, Stress, and Addiction” reveals tantalizing strategies behind the mind and explores the thriller of the human issue.

Dr. Jay writes, “What is joy? Is joy even sensible for you to realize in today’s globe of soaring anger, panic, and dependancy? It’s the essential problem I (your Pleasure Professor) yearned to learn in the wake of a life-reworking family members tragedy as a younger adult that led me to the halls of academia and holy ashrams to check out the science and spirituality of joy.” 

“Science of a Content Brain” is tailored upon real classes from Dr. Jay’s well-liked college Pleasure system that he has been training for the past seven a long time. From millennials suffering from panic to people in Center America struggling with dependancy, from veterans battling PTSD to dad and mom coping with the troubles to elevate small children hooked on technological know-how, from the spike in suicides to the tribalism and hate in today’s globe, Dr. Jay guides viewers on a journey of exploration and discovery that empowers them in setting up a Content Brain.

The hottest research in mind science details to a person undeniable truth—to socialize is to endure, to tribe is to thrive. “Science of a Content Brain” uncovers a very long-forgotten facet of humanity by exposing a shared factor of human biology—one’s social mind. Only not too long ago has science affirmed what religions knew all along—humans are social beings with social brains that are nourished and strengthened by neighborhood and connection.

In his hottest guide, Dr. Jay is expertly positioned to explore a wide array of subject areas related to both equally self and society that implement insights relating to mind science, spirituality, and joy, such as:

·         The Brain Progressed for Survival not Pleasure: Triumph over the brain’s developed-in “negativity-bias”—that retains a person in perpetual “survival mode” and hijacks happiness—by strategically making use of “The 4 Cs of Happiness”: Comfort and ease, Contribution, Link, and Compassion.

·         A Content Brain Is a “Social Brain”: Reveal why science now emphasizes the value of the “Social Brain”—the practical function of neurobiology formulated more than tens of millions of a long time of evolution that empowered individuals to develop into the exceptional species—and why the “Social Brain” remains the concealed critical to humanity’s joy.

·         Disconnected in an In excess of-Linked Environment: Master how to conquer the pervasive, rising “loneliness” epidemic—driven by prevalent “digital addiction”—that eventually sabotages joy by leaving men and women feeling “disconnected in an more than-linked globe.”

·         Parenting in a Turbulent Time: Uncover how to bridge mind science and spirituality to equip small children with the “3Rs for Success: Readiness, Resilience, and Reflection” in college and in life.

Dr. Deepak Chopra shares: “Science of a Content Brain” provides up quite a few challenges that both equally plague society and offer hope for the long run. In contemporary society, which seemingly presents every thing that a person would believe that a person needs, isolation and despair seem to rule. Dr. Jay Kumar offers some tantalizing views, centered on novel science effects, and helps make the circumstance that delighted brains could possibly be the respond to to both equally personal and societal challenges that seem far too complex to tackle.

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Released by Page Publishing, Dr. Jay Kumar’s engrossing guide is an inspiring very first step on the route to professing the energy and gains of a Content Brain, a delighted life, and becoming a delighted human. Now extra than ever, the long run needs men and women. Content.

Audience who would like to knowledge this enthralling function can purchase “Science of a Content Brain: Flourishing in the Age of Anger, Stress, and Addiction” at bookstores almost everywhere, or on-line at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Perform, or Barnes & Noble.

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