September 30, 2023


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Bakery in Winkler, Man., puts Mennonite spin on Justin Bieber doughnut collaboration with Tim Wiebes

Not up for Justin Bieber’s Timbiebs? How about half a dozen doughnuts chosen by four men all named Tim Wiebe?

That’s the promotion a southern Manitoba bakery is running right now, putting a Mennonite spin on the recent Tim Hortons collaboration with pop star Justin Bieber. 

Bieber and Tim Hortons launched three flavours of Timbits — dubbed Timbiebs — late last year.

The idea for the Tim Wiebes doughnut pack started one night when the owner of Valley Bakery in Winkler — a small city about 100 kilometres southwest of Winnipeg — was joking around with his family about the “obvious homonym silliness,” says Thomas Guenther, the bakery’s sales and marketing manager.

Wiebe — pronounced “weeb” — is a common surname in the community, which has a large Mennonite population.

“You’ve got ‘Biebs’ and you’ve got in this area Wiebes, so I think they put the two together. It’s just had a good hoot,” Guenther said in an interview with CBC Radio’s Up To Speed.

“I’m like, this is so wonderfully silly and fun that we have to try it.”

Thus, the Tim Wiebe doughnut package was born.

It’s a pack of six of the bakery’s doughnut flavours, all chosen by men named Tim Wiebe, who were contacted by the bakery via social media.

In it you’ll find six flavours: glazed, lemon, raspberry, chocolate with toasted coconut, caramel and bismarck. 

The bakery just started the promotion Wednesday, but so far the Tim Wiebe doughnuts have been flying off the shelves. 

Guenther said he had no idea how many they had sold as of Thursday afternoon, but the bakery had made extra that morning, and already had to make more. 

“It’s sort of silly and fun, but our customers love it. And so we’re happy to do it.” 

If you want your Tim Wiebe doughnut package, you have a limited time to get one. Guenther says Valley Bakery plans to wrap up the promotion at the end of the month.

LISTEN | From Timbiebs to Tim Wiebe’s — a Winklerized winter promotion from Valley Bakery:

6:19From Timbiebs to Tim Wiebes: A Winklerized winter promotion from Valley Bakery

Tim Hortons may have partnered with pop star Justin Bieber for its new Timbiebs. Now, a bakery in Winkler, Man., has introduced its own local version inspired by a popular local name, Tim Wiebe. Guest host Marjorie Dowhos is joined by Thomas Guenther, the sales, retail and marketing manager at Valley Bakery in Winkler. 6:19