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Not even Moira Rose appreciates every little thing.

Catherine O’Hara is at present in the very hot seat on ABC’s Who Needs to Be a Millionaire, playing for Upward Sure Property. She’s executing really very well so far, but she could possibly have reached an obstacle. 

E! Information has an distinctive initial seem at her $64,000 problem in tonight’s episode that looks to stump her, and she turns to host Jimmy Kimmel for assist. Regretably, Jimmy isn’t going to have the solutions, so it’s truly just down to the two of them chatting by the problem. 

The problem is: “What kind of restaurant was being reviewed in a newspaper post that was fittingly titled ‘All You Require Is Larb?'” 

The response is Thai, which is what the two Jimmy and Catherine think the response is, but neither 1 is absolutely confident, and Jimmy just ends up chatting to himself, and is any one else experience alternatively hungry right now?