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Ep 123 The Most Important Skills an Artist Can Have

Ep 123 The Most Important Skills an Artist Can Have

In today’s art podcast we are going to converse about the most essential expertise an artist can have. And you may possibly assume the most significant expertise are matters that revolve all-around knowing how to draw and paint! But there are so quite a few more techniques you need to perform on if you want to be a successful artist. Being excellent at what you do, is not ample.

Ep 123 The Most Important Skills an Artist Can Have

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An artist wants the capability to make decisions

And I assume, 1 of the most significant capabilities you will need, is the the capability to make selections.

In the studio, a undesirable determination is improved than no determination at all. If you discover your self not able to make a selection then that potential customers to procrastination, which for an artist is the greatest enemy!

For a start, generating a choice that you are likely to do something right now, that moves you forward in some way.

So, for case in point the other day I built that selection that I would get in touch with the Gallery to see if they would be fascinated in showing some of my function. Now, irrespective of whether they had explained indeed, or no, it was however a favourable move and something I could cross off my checklist. Now, every thing that transpires from thereon, stems from that one particular determination I manufactured to deliver them an e mail.

An additional crucial conclusion that will transfer you ahead, is to make your mind up to start a little something! Start anything! If you really do not know what to function on following, then that need to be your future determination.

Like I said previously, a poor selection is improved than no choice at all. No determination indicates practically nothing is occurring and you are just at a stand continue to.

As soon as you have resolved what you’re going to paint, you want to make a conclusion to go in to the studio and start out. Give by yourself a deadline if it helps… Or make a decision as to what time you will be in the studio by.

We could do an overall episode on the significance of currently being decisive, but I would say it’s 1 of the best points we need to be good at.


Self self-discipline for an artist

There is so significantly self self-discipline include with art, specially if you want to acquire it severely. Finding to grips with a medium or topic and honing your craft takes time and determination.

Of system if you want to offer your artwork there is also the self self-control that comes with displaying up on social media on a typical basis.

Artist’s time administration techniques

Artist’s time management abilities are pretty a great deal linked with self-discipline. This is so essential specially if you a fitting your art into little amounts of time. Setting time aside for earning your art, signifies you really spend time on it. If you set it in a calendar you are much much more likely to stick to it.

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You have to have to have some organisational capabilities

For example you can not get the job done with clarity an artist if your studio is in a mess and your supplies are all above the area.

And it is not more than enough to just flip up in your studio without having a distinct strategy of what you are arranging to do. I uncover that if I never know what my aim is for that day, then I soar all over undertaking bits of every little thing and conclusion up obtaining practically nothing done.

So, what I try out to do the evening before a studio day is figure out a objective for the day ahead.

So, my intention could be to occur up with a new established-up and consider heaps of reference photographs.

Previous Saturday, my purpose was to get to my set-ups drawn out on the two canvases.

The following day, my aim was to get the principal history tone down on both equally.

I also had it in my thoughts to choose a couple of quick video clips for my intagram reel.

If you can get some kind of a weekly regime going, that would be perfect.

So, use specified days to do selected points. So perhaps established apart a few of hrs just to concentrate on social media information and other advertising stuff, like running a blog, that child of thing, and certain days for currently being actively innovative.

You also require to be able to keep concentrated and stay clear of interruptions, which can be truly challenging.. We truly did a full episode on how to continue to be focussed on your art, and that was episode amount 118. And in that episode, as well as sharing a lot of standard suggestions on keeping focussed, we also shared some really valuable apps to assistance you prevent distractions. So, if you have difficulty in that area, that episode is well really worth a listen.


Basic information of your resources

There are so many possible products we can select as artists. Once you have experimented and know the sort of factor you like. You require to invest a minimal time performing with that medium and discovering what it can do and its constraints.


You also need a level of compositional abilities

And I’m not just conversing about the typical rule of thirds. There is so substantially a lot more to it than that.

You require to be in a position to look at the general shape of your composition and intention for anything that sales opportunities your eyes all over the canvas.

I also like to search for a sample of light and dark tones throughout the canvas and the similar applies to color. I want to make absolutely sure that there is a balance throughout the whole picture.

These are techniques that appear with apply and you master around time. But they are truly vital to grasp.



As artists we all want to have imagination. Even if don’t consider you have creativity I can guarantee that you do. We manufactured a full episode on this –

Ep 84 Employing Creativity in Your Artwork (even if you don’t think you have any)

You will be surprised the compact resourceful conclusions you make even without the need of staying conscious of it.

Becoming courageous and open to experimentation

To get greater as artists we need to be organized to experiment and consider new things so our art can progress and we really do not get caught in a rut. We also need to have to be brave as artists occasionally. This could be in the form of daring to check out something even while it could spoil a portray or it could be reaching out to a gallery like Sandra did.


Realizing when to end

This is an additional crucial 1. When is a piece of artwork completed?

I feel it was Van Gogh who as soon as mentioned, a portray is under no circumstances completed, it is simply abandoned.

There is very little that will destroy a piece of artwork a lot more than one that is been overworked.

The way I know when to end, is the instant the brushstokes halt generating a difference for greater or for even worse, that is when I place the brush down.

The challenge is, once you’ve in excess of-worked it, it’s really hard to pull it back again, so it is far better to observe restraint, than do that.


Marketing and advertising skills

As artists if we want to sell our perform we need internet marketing capabilities. We require to be able to discuss up our perform and market ourselves. Now I don’t intellect sharing that I am trying to get superior at this. I am making an attempt to master how to market myself. Like a lot of artists I never come across it that effortless to discuss about my function. If you have this trouble we made an episode all about it

Ep 112 Why Just cannot I Speak About My Artwork?


Being in a position to compose about your operate is significant much too

But also just take the time to check your grammar and spelling much too. Specially if you’re crafting an email to a gallery or a thing.

Not absolutely everyone is superior at that, but these times spell checkers make it a great deal simpler for men and women who uncover that aspect of things a lot more complicated. Just choose the additional time to make sure what you have written makes sense.


As artists we need to have some primary technological abilities

Although you really do not have to have to be a pc whizz some essential computer system expertise can be seriously practical for an artist. This could consist of staying equipped to put with each other a basic web page or scan or photograph artwork to make prints

Social media abilities

Social media skills are genuinely crucial for an artist if you want to market your get the job done. Short video clips are becoming more and more needed to get found on all the platforms. Most platforms like Instagram and Tiktok give you the ability to document and edit very simple video clips in their applications.


You also need sensible photography techniques.

This definitely matters if you are placing your do the job up on a internet site. A very poor photograph is not going to promote a portray. So choose the time to obtain your way all over your digital camera. And YouTube is a terrific area to discover some genuinely basic strategies and methods to get really excellent artwork photographs with even just a clever mobile phone. Everybody can use one particular of individuals!

The exact applies for social media as well. You see some attractive pictures on social media and by people who you can notify genuinely just take their time to get a wonderful shot. So, be a bit imaginitive if you can, so you stand out from the relaxation.



As artists we also have to have the ability of being open to criticism and other people’s tips. Now from time to time these can be helpful and valuable and go us ahead in the way we want. On the other hand we also want to be thick skinned and try and disregard the criticism that does not provide us.

Simple accounting competencies

When you start out offering you require to hold keep track of of all sales and fees and declare it as earnings for tax functions. You can either get an accountant to do this for you or discover how to do it your self.


The means to say no

I have figured out this the tricky way. I utilized to find it actually challenging to say no to art commissions, mainly because at the conclusion of the day, you know it is a sale, but to be honest, the worry that often arrives with it, is just not worth it! I only choose on a commission these times if I seriously want it, but I won’t get it on if it places the stress on and I surely will not give them a completion day!

Also, this appears suggest, but if you are promoting your artwork, you are not obliged to provide it low-cost to folks you know. Certainly, if if it’s your Mum, Father or Sister, then of system which is distinctive, but if not, if an individual asks you do do them a ‘quick sketch’ then you should not truly feel like you cannot charge a affordable price tag to do it. And you shouldn’t come to feel obliged to give it to them cheap.

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