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Connect 4 is a board game elaborated by Hasbro and which looks a lot like tic tac toe. The goal is to align a certain number of discs of the same color. Two players compete on a rectangular grid. They take their turn to place a token at the top of a column, the pawn being able to slide to the bottom of the column, by landing on top of the last pawn which is already there. The winner is the one who is the first to align 4 of their discs horizontally, vertically or diagonally. You can play against the computer or against one of your friends on a network and chat with them live during the game.

What is Connect 4?

Connect 4 is this strategy game with a grid and pawns of two different colors. Most of the time, it is yellow and red. Each in turn, a player places a pawn in one of the columns. To win, you must line up four of the same color horizontally, vertically or diagonally before your opponent. A perfect game to help your child sharpen their sense of logic and tactics. You can learn more about it here. It is also ideal for sharing a moment of ingenious fun with your child! We cannot say it enough, but children learn best while having fun and playing. There is nothing better than moments of sharing to learn while having fun. The animation speed and the opacity of the tokens are configurable. 4 difficulty levels are available in general.

Which Type of Connect 4 to Choose?

What we have just presented to you is Connect 4 in general. In reality, this board game is available in different forms. There is of course the classic game with the blue grid, as well as the yellow and red tokens, marketed by the Milton Bradley Company which is better known under the name of MB. This model is fortunately taken over by other toy manufacturers at more attractive prices; although the original is still affordable. You can choose a travel Connect 4, practical and easy to take everywhere. Ready for a little game during transport trips or with friends at the beach? For those adepts at eco-responsible consumption, choose a wooden model rather than the plastic one. Finally, thanks to a giant Connect 4 game, the fun is in XXL version. You can choose according to your needs.