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Modern launch “Prevent! Humanity’s Roots Dwell” from Covenant Books creator Francesco Sardina is a outstanding discovery from just one male as he traces historical past in an endeavor to uncover the explanation for mankind’s unhappiness in this age.

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current: May possibly 21, 2020

Francesco Sardina, a septuagenarian who has been married to his wife for fifty five many years and life a life of semi-reclusiveness, has completed his new e book, “Stop! Humanity’s Roots Live”: a persuasive study about the unchanging human character that was prompted by the unhappiness that is evident in all of humanity.

Francesco writes, “For approximately 8 many years of life, I have not witnessed a solitary alter in the character of humans but realize that all humans possess the exact same cognitive ‘traits and characteristics’ differentiated only by scale or degree. Setting and option influence these (not character). Briefly, this e book was prompted by what I would refer to as the audacity of modernity. That is that is that someway, modern-day conveniences such as technological know-how has rewarded the current era remarkable to all that came ahead of. In this crafting, we will see that changing one’s situation without a alter of coronary heart is a fool’s errand.”

Printed by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Francesco Sardina’s new e book is an insightful creation created from just one man’s empirical witness and experiential ‘conscience of beliefs’. With this operate, the creator tries to prove that humanity’s character remains the exact same.

Viewers can acquire “Stop! Humanity’s Roots Live” at bookstores almost everywhere, or on the web at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Covenant Books