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The music world can be a harsh one, especially when you are just starting out. You may have a band and a few songs, but how do you get your name out there to get recognized? Having a free album review performed could be one of the easiest ways to start off your marketing strategy. Many people and companies out there will offer to listen and review your music for free and even post the review online. Getting your album reviewed and posted online will also help direct users to your band and could inevitably draw more fans. After all, without fans you won’t go anywhere.

With an album review you will typically just need to send the person a copy of your album or EP, either electronically or by mail. They will then take a few days to review your music and sometimes even album cover art, and then place their review up. It doesn’t cost you a thing and it guarantees you that at least one more person has heard your music. A free album review can also be a great way to learn what you need to change or improve about your musical style. Some bands and performers have spent years perfecting their skills, but others need a little help with the direction of their sound.

On top of your review the person providing the service may even opt to help with marketing your sound as well. Although, once you move into this field you may have a cost to pay.

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