February 22, 2024


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From the archives: Karen Armstrong on ‘The Lost Art of Scripture’

Karen Armstrong entered a convent when she was 17.

When she was past on stage at the Fitzgerald Theater, in 2019, she mentioned she handled acquiring into heaven like receiving into the University of Oxford.

“My early experience of faith — both right before I became a nun and in the course of it — was all about me,” stated Armstrong.

“[It was] about my feelings about the Lord, my meditations and my progress, and was I going to be a excellent nun or was I likely to get into heaven? A lot of moments I doubted that.”

Armstrong and her friends ended up advised not to concentration on the exterior environment, but to glimpse inward in its place.

She laughed while remembering 1 notable exception, in the course of the Cuban missile crisis. They were warned about the menace of war, but ended up hardly ever instructed that the menace was in excess of.

“For a few weeks, we were sort of scanning the horizon for mushroom clouds until eventually finally one particular of us had the bravery to say, ‘What transpired about Cuba?’”

She left the convent many years in the past, but has used several several years closely examining faith.

In 2019, she released “The Missing Artwork of Scripture: Rescuing the Sacred Texts,” in which she examined what value holy texts can have for us currently. Her new e-book is “Sacred Character: Restoring our Historic Bond with the All-natural Planet,” and she’ll discuss that with host Kerri Miller Wednesday, Sept. 14, at 7 p.m. on phase at the Fitz.

Just can’t make it to the demonstrate? Glance for an edited version of their discussion on Big Books and Bold Concepts on Friday.


  • Karen Armstrong is the creator of many publications on religious affairs, such as “The Circumstance for God,” “A Historical past of God,” “The Missing Artwork of Scripture” and quite a few other people.

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