September 29, 2023


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Fun Facts about Riyadh!

18 fun facts about Saudi Arabia

Previously known as Hajr-Al-Yamamah, Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. It is a vibrant and extravagant city that attracts numerous international visitors every year. Having the perfect amalgamation of historical monuments and modern sky-touching buildings, Riyadh is one of the best tourist spots. Also, as the cultural capital of Saudi Arabia, the city organizes the world’s biggest Music Festival in Riyadh, where top-notch artists and music bands from across the globe participates. Filled with lights and superb music, the festival provides the utmost joy to the attendees, becoming an unforgettable experience for them.

Aside from this, Riyadh is also renowned as the leading global city. It is a financial and political hotspot for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Besides, the city is also a melting pot of cultures. It has a diverse expatriate population from India, Pakistan, and more, staying together and intermingled. Also, Riyadh has numerous fascinating facts regarding the city and its origin. In this article, let’s gather information about them.

Riyadh: Some Fun Facts About the City!

The following are some interesting facts that will make your trip to Riyadh more fulfilling:

  • Music Festival-Soundstorm: Started its journey in 2019; the MDLBEAST Sound Storm music festival in Riyadh is a vast musical event that the Saudi Arabian Government arranges. Continued for three days, the festival is an absolute blast for locals and tourists alike. It also acts as a cultural catalyst, bringing Arabian music to the global stage. Besides, world-famous celebrities, singers, and dancers perform at the Music festival in Riyadh. Are you planning your trip to Saudi Arabia? Don’t miss attending the Riyadh Soundstorm festival.
  • Skyscraper with a hole: The city of Riyadh is the home to the world’s third-tallest skyscraper that has a hole in it. The 99-storey iconic tower, the Kingdom Centre, is 302.3 meters high and dominates the city skyline. Built in 2002, the building received many awards for its spectacular design. It represents the ambition the country had to transform itself from an oil-producing nation to a global hub of trade, finance, and tourism. The structure has a 30-story-high central tower with a parabolic opening at the top, offering a panoramic view of the city.


  • Oldest University: Riyadh has the oldest university in Saudi Arabia, founded by King Saud bin Abdulaziz in 1957. Famous as King Saud University, it has numerous impressive buildings, the King Salman Central Library, and many more. The university has seven floors with a sitting capacity of more than 4000 students. Besides, the vast collection of books, journals, periodicals, manuscripts, academic thesis, and so on has made it a vital place you must not miss during your Riyadh tour. 


  • Masmak Fort: The Ad-Dirah district in southern Riyadh is the home to the most renowned Masmak Fort, built in the 1800s with mud-brick and clay. The fort showcases itself as a proud memory of king Abdulaziz and his brave acts. Today, this excellent historical monument is a museum that arranges multiple exhibitions. 


As the money capital of the Middle East, Riyadh has the most attractive tourist spots that global tourists visit every year. It hosts events like Soundstorm, the top music festival in Riyadh, contributing to the region’s booming music industry. Why wait? Start planning from now and visit Riyadh to gather the best experience in life.