September 29, 2023


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Go Mobile With the Samsung E250 Mobile Phone

Samsung is a world leader when it comes to mobile phones. Samsung has time and again come out with handsets that have dominated their respective categories. And when it comes to slim and suave sliders, none can beat this master craftsman. The Samsung E250 Mobile Phone is one such slider that is so typical of this Korean giant.

The handset comes with a super smooth slide mechanism. This handy operating system is so convenient that it can let the user slide it open with one touch of a finger. Weighing just 80 grams, the Samsung E250 is a feather weight phone which is 14mm in depth, 99mm in height & 50mm in width. Its 2 inch wide screen provides a 128 x 160 pixel screen resolution that brings to life all your backgrounds and pictures.

The in-built VGA camera in the Samsung E250 can click still photographs, as well as record good quality videos. The 4 x digital zoom comes handy when you intend to click close up shots. The specification and features might be very basic but they come in handy when need be. The phone also includes an MP3 player as well as an FM radio. To make use of the music player you have got to expand the in-built 13 Mbytes of memory (with a MicroSD memory card) that is only capable of storing 3 or 4 songs.

Presence of both Bluetooth and USB ensures that connectivity is never a problem with the Samsung E250. Exchanging songs and pictures wirelessly through the Bluetooth option is a breeze. Moreover, the USB connection is most useful for transferring pictures, music and videos to and from your personal computer. The GPRS and EDGE on the other hand provides you with fast paced internet connection on the handset itself.

Now, the most pertinent question, should you buy the Samsung E250 Mobile Phone? If you are searching for an entry level phone with decent enough features, the answer is a definite ‘yes’!