How to Get Your Art Into a Gallery

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Emerging artists may find it challenging to get gallery representation. This is a usual problem because there are so many artists and it is difficult for galleries to keep track of every budding artist who has potential. Getting your art shown at galleries can be a step towards getting popular among buyers, collectors and sponsors.

Is there a trick to get gallery representation? You may not find tricks but there are steps you can take to make sure that galleries take notice.

Make sure your work is gallery-ready

Galleries, like Seam Agency, are looking for something unique, something that will stand out. One of the first things you must do is to check your body of work. See if it consistently shows a distinct point of view and unique perspective. You should show that you have developed your style and approach, whether it is in terms of lighting, surface texture, palette, composition, or choice of subject. Your body of work should set you apart from other emerging artists. Show something unique and exciting that commands attention.

Critique your work

To do this, view your works as a collection. Do they look like a single collection? Compare your works with those of established artists. Most have websites and social media accounts to see how well they design their collection of work. Are you specialising in still lifes, landscapes, portraits, or abstract? Whatever style you do, make sure that there is a cohesive feature that ties them all.

Focus on your best work

Use your strongest work for your collection. It is typical for a gallery to carry only one genre of your work, at least at the start of your partnership. If you are more passionate about still lifes and portraits, but also do wildlife and landscapes, do not include the latter. You should only show the gallery your works that best represent your passion and vision as an artist. Do the same for your website, so potential buyers and collectors will only see those that the gallery represents.

Consider locations

Paintings of iconic locations appeal to many clients. However, if you are doing local landscapes, you will be more successful when represented by local galleries. Research the area where the gallery is and see what the establishment represents. The interior design, local colour, and natural light vary. So, if you are seeking gallery representation in a new location, find the right subjects. If you specialise in seascapes, they will not do well in a gallery located in an area with plenty of mountains.

Get more exposure

Another thing that can help you get gallery representation is getting more exposure. Join art competitions and art contents. Ensure that you get enough visibility within the art community. Winning will open doors for you. Aside from the cash prize, you will benefit from published articles, mentions in the news, and access to judges and patrons. You can join group exhibitions too.

Do not get too excited when a gallery approaches you. Know the gallery’s reputation and try to get information from the artists the gallery represents. Know if they are happy with the gallery’s services. Get the information you need before signing a contract. Be sure to read the fine print as well, so you do not get tied to a gallery that will not work for your best interests.

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