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Moving? Here's what to look for in a home internet service provider - NOW  Magazine


You need to understand that Internet service providers are that your right choice may not be the best one for you. Most of the time, it’s a mix of different plan concoctions which land up giving you the best Internet experience. If I were looking for cheap Internet near me, I would weigh out many options before I make a decision.


What should you compare between different Internet providers before you make your decision?


Here are all of the factors that you must compare between one Internet provider and another before you make your decision.



Price is obviously one of the first and foremost things that affect your choice of Internet service provider. The customer cannot be blamed for this. A difference of $5, $10, or $15 can add up in the long run. However, at the same time, price is not the only thing that you must consider. You may be confused between a $20 and a $50 plan. The $20 plan is great unless you realize that the connection is worthless. The $50 plan may give you better speed and data availability. Thus, you must weigh out all your options and compare all available plans before you make your decision.



Most of the Internet service providers will offer you different discounts or deals that will allow you to avail of Internet services at low rates for a certain number of months. Once those months are over, the price will go back to the standard price. Therefore, always compare the standard prices. Do not only see the lucrative offers that are presented in front of you. You may jump into the plan due to the promotion, but later on, the standard price might seem to be too pricey for you.


Bundle packages


Most Internet service providers nowadays offer bundle packages. These bundle packages include the Internet plan, the cable TV plan as well as the phone plan. This way, you can get one plan which encompasses all three of your needs, and you will have to pay only one amount every month. Some packages also contain home security in the plan. These bundles are provided so that the company receives more business from the clients and also so that you can save some money. This way, you will also avoid the hassle of keeping track of many bills at one time.


If you are already retaining services for all three, take a calculator and calculate how much you are paying for your current services in all. Once you have calculated that, check with your plan if opting for a bundle package would reduce your overall price or not.



Check the speed, price and find out what is available. It is not necessary that every Internet service provider will offer you a dial-up connection or high-speed Internet. You have to look into the nitty-gritty details before you make a decision.



Internet speed depends on a variety of factors. It is not only the buffering time that you are looking to reduce. You also have to look into the upload as well as download speeds. All these factors together will affect how quickly you can download music or video files as well as how fast you can upload your own content on the Internet. The download and upload speeds are usually lesser than the overall speed.



A lot of companies nowadays are offering extra options like antivirus, free e-mail, voicemail, security, etc. These are not very important, but these can act as tiebreakers between two services if everything else remains the same. Sometimes these extras are also available in the form of free equipment or installation services. This would be a good option to consider since installation and equipment can cost you several hundred dollars in amount.


Terms of the contract

The terms of the contract indicate how long you are supposed to stay with the company. You are allowed to leave anytime you wish, but you may have to pay an exit fee if you leave before the term is over. If you are just trying out an Internet service provider for the first time and are not sure if you wish to commit to them for the long term, you should go for a short-term option.


A few other things to consider when comparing Internet services

If you’re still struggling to choose between different Internet service providers, you should check out the equipment as well as installation costs. Sometimes, Internet service providers allow their customers to use their own equipment. While other cases, the Internet service providers want the customers to use the equipment that they provide. This can be a deal-breaker if you are having a tie between two Internet service providers.