September 28, 2023


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Juxtapoz Magazine - Genevieve Cohn is "Tracing Shadows"

Juxtapoz Magazine – Genevieve Cohn is “Tracing Shadows”

Hashimoto Modern is happy to current Tracing Shadows, a solo exhibition by Boston-dependent artist Genevieve Cohn. The exhibition will be Cohn’s inaugural solo presentation at Hashimoto Modern.

Tracing Shadows tells the tale of a neighborhood of girls that exist in an imagined environment, in which they only live for one rotation of the earth on its axis. Developing on this imagined mythology, the figures depicted in the paintings try to document a light-weight that will only be knowledgeable after just before it slips absent. Dwelling in a planet that has this exclusive knowledge of light, the women devote their everyday living attempting to superior realize their environment and techniques that structure it. In quite a few of the paintings, women of all ages are depicted referencing, tracing, or recording shadows. The shadow is in the long run reworked into an working experience that is extra reliable and tangible than that of the sun, elevating inquiries of truth of the matter vs. reality, contemplating the position exactly where real truth and reality arrive alongside one another and where they break apart.

Pulling from a variety of sources, Cohn’s inspiration is rooted in the Women’s Land Military, the record and imagery of witches and witchcraft, and literary fiction. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, The Comprehensive Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino, A Small Heritage of the Shadow by Victor Stoichita and the quick tales of Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman also formed this human body of work.

Tracing Shadows speaks to the shared experiences of groups of folks, and the attempts to concern, history and have an understanding of that shared practical experience. In this imagined universe, the women born at different periods of working day make shared expertise and custom, so that those born afterwards in the mild can begin exactly where those people ahead of them left off, speaking to our human record of storytelling and fascination in scientific experiments.

About her get the job done, the artist states, “My paintings task doable communities of gals by drawing from both of those a historical and imaginative earlier, existing, and future. My paintings admit and replicate a entire world in which energy is derived from collaboration, self-endowed agency and link with the normal earth. I consider thoughts of assortment, adornment, attractiveness, and alternative as the figures inside of the worlds of my operate assemble spaces that interact thoughts of ritual and apply.”

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