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Man charged after car crashes into Royal Saskatchewan Museum

A 28-year-old man is facing charges after a car crashed into the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, the Regina home of a well-known T. Rex display.

Police said officers were dispatched to the museum at approximately 7:15 p.m. CST on Tuesday after a stolen Chevy Malibu had crashed into the museum doors, causing “significant damage” to both the doors and the vehicle.

The museum was closed at the time of the crash, and the driver sustained minor injuries. (Mickey Djuric/CBC)

The car, which had been driving south on Albert Street, turned into the museum parking lot and continued driving up the lane directly through the front doors.

Police said officers found a man inside the museum and arrested him after a brief foot chase. He had minor injuries and was taken to the Regina General Hospital for treatment before being brought into police detention.

The Regina Police Service says the car did “significant damage” to the museum doors. (Mickey Djuric/CBC)

The man has been charged with driving while prohibited, breaking, entering and committing mischief, and theft of a vehicle under $5,000.

The museum was closed at the time of the crash. Police said the value of the damage to museum property has yet to be determined. The museum houses a display about Saskatchewan’s most famous dinosaur, Scotty the T. Rex. 

Among the best-known displays at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum is one celebrating Scotty the T. Rex. (Matt Howard/CBC)

Police say they determined the car had been stolen just moments before the crash and had been observed speeding on Albert Street.