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Marge Simpson

FOX through AP

This picture launched by Fox reveals Marge Simpson, a character on the animated tv collection “The Simpsons.” In the clip, posted by the animated collection, matriarch Marge chided a Trump campaign attorney about a tweet comparing her and Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden’s choose for his managing mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif.

LOS ANGELES — Marge Simpson has guidance for a law firm with the Trump campaign: Do not name phone.

In a clip posted Friday by Fox’s animated collection “The Simpsons,” matriarch Marge chided the attorney about a tweet comparing her voice to that of the Democratic vice presidential contender, Sen. Kamala Harris.

“I usually really don’t get into politics, but the president’s senior adviser, Jenna Ellis, just stated Kamala Harris seems like me,” Marge states in the clip, incorporating that daughter Lisa Simpson states “she isn’t going to suggest it as a compliment.”

“If that’s so, as an normal suburban housewife, I am starting off to feel a minimal disrespected,” Marge stated, balefully. “I instruct my children not to name phone, Jenna.”

Earlier this 7 days, President Donald Trump tweeted that the “‘suburban housewife’ will be voting for me” due to the fact he “finished the prolonged managing software where minimal income housing would invade their neighborhood.”

As the 50 %-moment clip ends, an off-digital camera Marge is read muttering: “I was gonna say I am pissed off, but I am afraid they’d bleep it.”

Harris of California was introduced this 7 days as presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s choose for his managing mate. The party’s conference will be held upcoming 7 days, mostly virtually due to the fact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ellis, senior law firm for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, did not quickly answer Friday to a ask for for comment. The campaign also did not quickly answer when requested for comment.

On Tuesday, Ellis she posted on Twitter that “Kamala seems like Marge Simpson.”

The prolonged-managing “The Simpsons” is recognized for mocking general public figures and superstars, Trump among them. Actor Julie Kavner is the voice behind Marge Simpson.