September 28, 2023


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Modern Day Norwegian Vikings, Nansen, Roald Dahl

Famous Modern Day Norwegian Vikings

The runic alphabets varied among the different Scandinavian countries. There is no rune for the letter ‘Q’ in any of the runic alphabets; except in an Icelandic type of rune called ‘KVISTANNAN’, which means, “Branch Runes.”

The reason I tell you about the ‘Q’ rune is that it is the first letter in the name Quisling. Vidkum Quisling was a Norwegian prophet who has been demonized by the victors of WWII.

He was a Norwegian patriot who tried to free Norway from the chains that bound her. He also wanted to protect her from the Bolshevik invasion of the world.

When Germany invaded Norway, Major Vidkum Quisling announced to the world that he was the new prime minister of Norway. He sided with Germany to fight the evil spread of communism. Nordic ideology and communism cannot co-exist. They are too opposite to each other in ideals.

Britain and the leftist parliament of Norway never forgave him for this.

At the end of the war he was placed on trial and executed by a firing squad. That was 1945. the victors re-write history and the patriots die.

I am very interested in the little know Scandinavian history. This new politically correct world we live in is slowly but surely destroying our history or re-writing it with lies. We have to dig to find the truth. We have to do the same with Quisling.

My interest in Norway arises from the fact that my grand mother on my father’s side was half Norwegian and half Danish. My paternal grandfather was all Swedish.

Therefore I have the true blood and DNA of my Viking, Norse men ancestors coursing through my veins. So whenever I get the chance to I write about my Scandinavian Ancestors. And I try to correct the lies.

This following list is for Americans of Norse descent to look back at their distant Viking cousins and be proud.

We all know that the Norwegian Leif Erickson discovered America in 1000 AD.

This names below are from Norway’s Golden Age before Socialism put a strong hold on it. There are many unsung modern Scandinavian heroes that you may not know or have forgotten.

Henrik Ibsen, the immortal Dramatist – Peer Gynt.

Edvard Grieg, inspired by Norwegian folk songs. Set Peer Gynt, to music.

Knut Hanson, won the Nobel Prize for literature.

Sigrid Urdset, steeped in Norwegian tradition won a Nobel prize.

Edvard Munch, the great imaginative painter whose marvelous frescoes decorate the Oslo University Hall.

Kirsten Flagstad, the famous Wagnerian Singer.

B Jornstjerne BJornson, national poet, composed the moving National anthem JA, Vi, Elsker (Yes, we Love).

Gustan Vigeland, The monumental sculptor.

Dr. Fridtjoff Nansen, sportsman, scientist, explorer, author, humanitarian regarded as the greatest European of the 20th century.

Roald Amundsen, first reached the magnetic Pole and beat Scott to the South Pole.

Sondre Nordheim invented down hill sking.

Roald Dhal, who’s children’s stories (Willie Wonka) have been loved world wide.

Oscar Mathisen, the greatest of all speed skaters.

Sonja Henie, the greatest of all figure skaters.

Trygue Lie, the former General Secretary of the U.N.

Thor Heyerdahl of Kon-Tiki fame.

There I have started a list for you. Now continue it and teach it to your children and grand children.

Don’t let them become so politically correct that they forget their rich heritage and where their ancestors came from.