September 29, 2023


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My Experience With Online Yoga School

5 Things to Know Before Taking an Online Yoga Class - Yoga Amber

Everywhere we look, we see something that reminds us of yoga.  This ancient practice has become so very popular in many western cultures and we’re all starting to learn that we can change our headspace from a regular yoga practice.  Commercials show us people doing yoga to send us messages about good health, and clothing manufacturers use yoga as a way to sell their merchandise.  Like many others, I have been influenced by these many messages and have experienced the bliss of practicing yoga. 

It was March of 2020 and I decided that I wanted to become certified as a yoga teacher, so I set out to find the very best online yoga teacher training program.  The whole world was shut down and we were all locked in our homes with coronavirus.  Most countries were under stay at home orders of some kind, and most businesses were not open.  I was one of those people who lost my job during covid because the restaurant I managed had to close its doors.  Isolated, lonely and broke, I decided to set off on a new career path.

I did a lot of research to find the right yoga teacher training online.  There were many choices, and it was tough to see through the intense marketing schemes that some of the online yoga teacher training programs had.  My first stop was Aura, and they struck me as uninspiring and pretty boring.  Their website was not easy to navigate and the sample videos didn’t resonate with me.

I then found Yoga Renew Teacher Training.  They were interesting and had engaging content.  They seemed fun and had a young, hip vibe.  I almost purchased from them but they didn’t have a phone number, and I didn’t like that.  I started to read reviews and found out that they were a pretty basic school, and really more of a corporation than a school.  The people who own and profit from the school don’t actually work there or teach yoga.  I decided against them, although they were probably my second choice.

I found My Vinyasa Practice.  I couldn’t get in touch with the lead trainer and they also don’t take phone calls.  I did a little digging and it seems that this school was priced quite high and then they kept lowering their prices to come in line with competitors.  They seemed money hungry and inauthentic.  Their website almost felt like they took bits and pieces from each of their competitors and snagged them for themselves.  I never really considered enrolling with them.

Finally I found Online Yoga School, and I was able to call and speak to the lead trainer.  She answered all of my questions and it felt like home.  I completed the best 200hr yoga certification available with them, and then I went on to get my 300 hour ytt online certification.  I am now a certified advanced 500 hour yoga teacher.  Next I plan to take the RPYT Online Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training.  I couldn’t be happier with my choice!