September 27, 2023


Arts Eternal

New art installation in Brooklyn sparks conversation about systemic inequality

All those
going for walks into Columbus Park in Downtown Brooklyn will now be fulfilled by a
10-foot-tall installation with a information.

set up reveals six African figures locked within metallic cages, as portion of
the Thoughts Forged Manacles/Manacle Forged Minds art set up.

Fred Wilson says the artwork is meant to symbolize the incarceration of the
Black person, policing and unlawful immigrants.

elaborate framework sits involving statues of abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher and
Christopher Columbus, discovering concerns of justice, racism and mass incarceration.

In the
two months given that it has been set up, the installation has come to be a assume
piece for onlookers and parkgoers.

like this, I signify they’re hard for the reason that they’re aesthetically gorgeous in
so quite a few techniques but they are also totally arresting,” explained Molly Superfine, who
spent time observing the set up. “And they make you
concern seriously what kinds of violence are apparent generally in our tradition
just about every working day.”

sculpture will be up until eventually future June. In that time, organizers will maintain
workshops and programming to incite extra discussion about the information evoked
by this artwork.