February 27, 2024


Arts Eternal

New Moon Movie Is To Commence Filming In Early March

New Moon, the sequel to Twilight is going to be filmed, starting early March. The movie scenes will include many locations, thus will not be all filmed in the one area. The cast has been confirmed, and the film will be directed by new guy, Chris Weitz. The New Moon movie will be an interesting movie to see when it comes out, as there are high expectations by the huge twilight fan base, and being pressed for time, can the Twilight Saga live up to its name?

To give variety to the audience, the New Moon Movie will be filmed in a mixture of locations. Los Angeles, California, USA is on the list, most likely a lot of work to be done in the studios however they may decide to film outside to capture city scenarios. Portland, Oregon, USA was used back when Twilight was filmed, containing stunning scenery, it should reveal some exciting scenes. A new contender being film location Rome, Lazio, Italy is set to be used in the movie. Adding a foreign location to the mix will surely create an in-depth movie. Last but not least, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is going to be another filming location.

All of the cast are going to be kept busy filming in all these different locations, but I am sure they will be able to deliver a magnificent production, along with the new director Chris Wietz who will be able to fill the hearts of the ever so eager Twilight Saga fans.