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Paul Cupido on Survivor SA.&#13

  • Following snacking much too much and not listening to his teammates, Paul Cupido turned the fourth castaway to be voted off Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island.
  • Despite taking part in a strong actual physical match, the 29-year-old’s social recreation did not sit nicely with his Zamba tribemates.
  • On why he received voted out, Paul states, “I’d like to say mainly because I am a bloody fantastic player.”

Aftercare teacher Paul Cupido (29) from Johannesburg lifted the resentment of his tribemates when he ate all the foodstuff and didn’t seem to pay attention through teamwork troubles – which led to him acquiring ousted as the fourth castaway who bought his torch snuffed in the 8th period of Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island on M-Web (DStv 101).

Why did you enter Survivor SA: Immunity Island?

So I resolved to enter, I guess, you know mainly because I am an adventurous man or woman. Yeah, I like to place myself in difficult positions, and you know, Survivor SA just looked like a hell of a ton of enjoyable from the previous year. It just appeared like a thing that I had to be a aspect of.

What stunned you about the experience? How was it unique from what you imagined?

Unquestionably, the hunger issue. Again household, you just open the fridge and seize a snack. On the island, when you are feeling hungry, and you’ve got bought to ration your foodstuff and figure out, “ok, we can only take in the moment a day, you know”, that. That is unquestionably a stunning element when you might be essentially in that scenario. (Laughs)

Your fellow tribemates complained that you ate much too much – ate all the meals. What do you make of that accusation?

I guess it is what it is. We have to also not neglect you might be on an island for that a lot of days at some point, you start out building a mountain out of tiny things following a though. You know, so yeah, we all threw some accusations at every other, but it is what it is.

Paul Cupido on Survivor SA.

LOVING THE SUGAR CANE: Paul snacking at camp.

Some of your tribemates claimed that you failed to listen to them when they spoke. What do you make of it?

Chappies put it beautifully that, you know, there were factors that probably have been a tiny bit frantic in the activity. Maybe there might have been situations where by they did say a little something to me, and I didn’t listen to it, but at the identical time, there was specific details where you could have gotten our attention, and we certainly would have listened and tried out to shift ahead. But I guess you know it did not transpire.

What in your gameplay and time all through the practical experience, hunting back, do you think you it’s possible could have performed differently?

If just about anything, I do not assume you can find considerably I could have done in a different way simply because the fact is that you vacation resort back to your normal self, your pure methods. I believe the 1 matter that I would increase on to that is that I would unquestionably say that I would believe in my intestine feeling likely forward.

Paul Cupido on Survivor SA.

Points Drop Aside: Paul in the course of the immunity problem.

Did you believe that your head was on the chopping block and a contender to be voted out? Or did it come as a shock to you? Did it sense like a blindside?

When I was chatting on the beach front, I described that I felt that “you guys are pulling a fast one in excess of my eye” – so surely, there was an inkling that I may possibly be going property. That’s why I stated if you will find one thing I could have carried out in a different way, it would be listening to my gut feeling due to the fact I consider at that minute when I started out getting a several doubts, then it was like, “alright, something’s a very little little bit suspicious. Yeah”. It was just like my head telling me this I just experienced this experience that something’s up. So yeah, I did. I did variety of count on it. But also, it truly is an “expected shock” – if that makes perception.

Paul Cupido on Survivor SA.

TRIBAL GRILLING: Paul experienced to respond to some tricky thoughts.

Why do you feel they voted for you?

I might like to say since I am a bloody fantastic player, you know. I would like to see it as they saw that you have a good prepare. And it is both heading to be me, or it really is going to be Chappies since the reality is, if you held me for a longer period on in the video game, then there’s no telling what I could do, which is very real. And yeah, I guess maybe I was just too fantastic, gentleman. (Laughs)

I know it really is complicated to consider answering “what if, what if” queries, but looking back at the episode in which you remaining, do you believe you could have spoken up extra at tribal council to make your case?

No, I really don’t consider so. I reported what I required to say. I was really satisfied with what I stated. Due to the fact, yeah, I think the one matter that I certainly required to tackle was the accusation coming from Wardah. But outside the house of that, you know, I could not, I really don’t consider I could have claimed anything far better or anything more.


Survivor SA: Immunity Island airs Thursdays at 19:30 on M-Internet (DStv 101).