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Ramzi Najjar, serial entrepreneur and a multi-awarded author’s, e-book “The YOU past you – The Know-how of the Inclined” enters into a Publishing Arrangement with Anecdote Publishing Household in India to correct additional life in the pandemic.

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updated: Apr 3, 2021 09:00 EDT

Ramzi Najjar, a multi-awarded creator, entrepreneur, and thinker, born in Lebanon and rising up amidst conflict and civil-political unrest, and who is familiar with initially-hand how hardship has the electric power to forge a person’s persona, has released mid-2020 his ebook “The YOU Beyond You- The Know-how of the Willing.” Najjar has now entered into a internet marketing and distribution agreement with Champ Viewers in India to publish, and distribute and sector the book in India by way of Anecdote Publishing Property.

The e-book is a condensed summary of his experiences, realizations, reflections, and extensive investigate on our reality’s mother nature and provides some new ideas on life’s dynamics. It to start with commenced as each day notes to himself and his personal realizations dependent on private experiences and daily life observations. 

The manuscript has soon been awarded the Literary Titan award for the ‘Best Book’ and the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for ‘Best System/Thoughts/Spirit Book’ and is now finalist in the Foreword Indies Ebook Awards.

‘The YOU Past You’ is a guide not to be dismissed and unveils some principal truths of existence and its secrets and techniques by revealing its dynamics and operation modes. A truly transforming examine that revolves close to the truth that most of our beliefs are a collection of deceptive notions grounded in basic on what we have been taught or informed by other people and are hardly ever a final result of self-reflection. The book offers means to change this fact by dismantling aged beliefs and making use of correct means to uplift one’s existence. The book is “A manuscript entailing each individual dimension of our fact.” It demonstrates what will make and breaks existence with a narrative centered on scientific and psychological theories to decide our “bodily truth.”

Visitors on the lookout for some principles, notions, and a various strategy to lifestyle should really take into account examining this book. 

This work provides numerous insights to the reader on several routines that pollute the human body and strategies to prevail over views and strategies that frame the mind and reduce aspects that impair mental peace. It also reveals the route to self-betterment even though increasing own behavior and the environment about. 

The reserve will enable one particular fully grasp many abstract notions in-depth, as a result leading a single to a far more straightforward non secular route.

The ebook has turn into a incredibly sought-following manuscript, specially in these difficult moments, and is acclaimed throughout the reading neighborhood through phrase of mouth. 

Numerous testimonials are remaining on many web pages acclaiming that the know-how Najjar is offering is a ray of hope and a terrific support in this pandemic. More data can be discovered on the author’s website at 

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