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When a comprehensive moon coincides with a evening when the moon and earth are additional-shut to every single other, the ensuing phenomenon is called a “perigee syzygy.” Which is a mouthful, so most persons just phone it a Supermoon. Rochester’s A-Checklist Adventures is major a trek by Ellison Park to look at this astrological spectacle absent from the glare of town lights. Members will satisfy up and hike, ski, or snowshoe (depending on preference and weather conditions) an hour-extensive training course by the park to see the moon at its brightest, with refreshments delivered together the way. Afterward, the team will adjourn to Sager Beer Performs for a curated training course of treats and community brews. Organizers say canines are welcome on the out of doors part of the outing, but they won’t be able to go to the brewery.

Friday, February seven, at five:30 p.m. Ellison Park, Penfield. Tickets are $25, and they come with directions to the rendezvous site.