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Arts and memories are two very important parts of our lives. This is more so for memories that serve very vital purposes in the life of humans and animals. It is expected that we should learn as long as are alive. Learning is believed to start even before we are given birth to, even though by the time we get to adulthood, our first memories will be those of by the time we are between 3 and 5 years old. It would be almost impossible for a 2-year-old to vividly remember something that he did at the age of 2. Art, on the other hand, is a vital tool for keeping records of what has happened. Art could be in the form of photographs, speech, songs, printed materials, videos, paintings, and sculptures among others. There is a strong relationship between art and memories as will be discussed. This article will use the listed forms of art to discuss how art is related to memories.

Photograph, as a form of art, is related to memories just as art is. For those who are lucky to have their pictures taken as kids and preserved till they are in their teenage years, it is through pictures that they were able to know exactly how they looked when they were babies. Fortunately, this has become easier with most parents now having camera phones that they use to snap their children and storing some of such pictures online. Thus, the kids get the opportunity to create a new memory about their past when they are old enough and see their pictures as babies for the first time. Parents would also show kids pictures they took before the kids were born as well as pictures of their grandparents, other family members, friends, and acquaintances. Furthermore, pictures help us to keep the current moment for future purposes. This is why during special occasions, we would often call professional photographers or our digital cameras (now very common with the advent of phones with camera) to capture those moments. We can always go back to the picture to refresh our memories about what happened during an event and in most cases; we even find things that we missed during the event in the pictures. This helps us to create new memories about past events. You can read My Picture reviews and experiences to know about how other people keep memories with photographs.

While discussing, it is common for parents to tell a child about things they did before they became old enough to understand and remember what they are doing. With this, the children can get information and memories about their childhood. They are told about how they behaved, their likes, dislikes, preferences, places they loved to visit, and places they hated to visit among others. Parents also sometimes tell their children about things that happened before the kids were born, especially information about the parents and things that happened around them. With this, kids get memories about their parents that help the kids to know more about the parents. Various other forms of speech put out in the form of poems, prose and discussions also help people to know more about what is going on around them and in the world.

Music has been an important way to creatively pass across the information. People get entertained even as they learn about different things happening around them, things that happened in the past, or things that are expected to happen in the future. Thus, people learn and create memories by listening to music.

Printed materials
Printed materials include books, magazines, novels, and textbooks among others. With the aid of printed magazines, various types of information are recorded with text, pictures, and other illustrations for the benefit of the readers. The reader will be able to create new memories about real-life events or fictional events from reaching the materials.

Motion pictures, just like pictures, also significantly help with keeping information, passing across information, entertaining, and helping people create new memories. Many children can vividly recall how their parents got married as though they were there because they have watched the video of their parents getting married several times. Many people also get to know about past events and current happenings by watching documentaries.

Painting is another form of art that contributes significantly to helping people form memories. Emotions and feelings are sometimes expressed in the form of painting that a person can vividly know what emotions the painter was going through when they were creating the painting. Paintings help to create and keep memories just like photographs too. The major differences are that photographs are taken with a camera while paintings are hand-drawn as well as the fact photographs only be taken while the scene is happening, while a painting could be used to portray what has happened, is happening, or could happen.

The use of sculptures is another form of art that has been around for a very long time and also important for keeping memories. Sculptures could be the image of a person or thing. Many prominent people are sculpted so that future generations can see them and know how they looked. One of the major things we also remember about places that we visit are the sculpted structures in those places such as the Statue of Liberty.