February 25, 2024


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Samsung G600 – The Bombastic Effect!

Samsung is known for producing the most stylish phones in the market at present. The company hails from the South of the very advanced Korean. This company was initially known for manufacturing innovative electronic appliances for its users worldwide, after some time the company entered the domain of mobile manufacturing. At this time, the market was flooded and ruled by companies like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens and many more. Nevertheless, Samsung embarked its unique position as a successful mobile vendor with its innovative technologically advanced and stylish mobile phones.

Samsung Mobile phones are mostly appreciated for their impressive looks and the functionalities that enhance the usage of a mobile phone than just a communicating device. Nowadays, not only Samsung but most all companies are producing handsets with varied features integrated in them. You will get phones which are dedicated to their own arena, like some phones are camera dedicated with high megapixel and resolution, some have dedicated music players with terrific sound quality, some are great for people who love gaming etc. This company brings the best in entertainment, business and connectivity to the people.

The Samsung G600 is one amazing mobile phone from the house of Samsung. The phone comes in a in a lustrous black finish and slim and sleek design, is a fantastic phone which comes with a slider mechanism with adds to its beauty. The G600 is braced with a keypad which is similar to its slider brethren who are also offered by Samsung. The phone is a brilliant creation from the acknowledged mobile vendor Samsung, who has a divine reputation of producing some of the outstanding mobile with impressive functionalities.

The most significant aspect of The Samsung G600 that makes it a fabulous handset is the awesome integrated 5.0 megapixel camera supporting a resolution of 2592E1944 pixels along with features like image stabiliser, auto focus and flash. With a phenomenal camera like this, the imaging experience on the go becomes very exciting, especially when you feel like capturing the memorable moments that you come across in life at any time and anywhere. This astonishing camera also allows you to capture and record video clips.

The camera in the Samsung G600 is user-friendly and direct to operate. It is also blessed with some adjustable options, like the white balance, you will even get the option of several shooting modes and image file size. The handset is further complemented with a bright 2.2 inches screen that can display 16 million colours supporting a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and is quite compatible with old optical receptors.

Also because of its compact and slick structure, it is very convenient and comfortable to carry anywhere. The dimensions that are carried by the phone are 101 mm high, 47.8 mm wide and 14.9 mm thick which is reasonably slim. The net weight of this mobile phone is 104 grams, making it light to carry.

Another advantage of taking images and recording videos with the Samsung G600 is that, users can store all their pictures in the sufficiently packed 1 GB microSD card that comes along with this captivating phone. The phone also enables the user to share the data through MMS or Bluetooth. Apart from the 5 megapixel camera it also includes a built-in FM Radio and a multi format Music Player that gives outstanding digital quality musical experience to the users. In addition to this, the Bluetooth connectivity options in the phone allow you to enjoy music seamlessly through a wireless stereo headset. The users have the option of transferring their favourite music at a lightning speed, with the help of the USB 2.0 port present in the phone. The Standard battery, Li-Ion 880 mAH is responsible for the impeccable battery backup that the phone offers.