February 27, 2024


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Samsung U600 and the Nokia N78 – Synonymous to Brilliance

Both Samsung and Nokia are the ace brands that have been highly commended for their wonderful mobile phones that are of great quality. While the Finnish brand Nokia holds the credit of manufacturing the most durable handsets, the Korean brand Samsung is well known for its high performance handsets that look absolutely amazing. The handsets from both the brands are well received by the users from the different countries. Samsung’s U series phones have most enviable looks and the Nokia N series phones are great in terms of multimedia features and internet connectivity.

Samsung U600 is one of the best handsets that have been produced by Samsung. The phone has wonderful camera adorned with great imaging features. It has most stunning design and admirable internet features. The U600 features advanced Bluetooth wireless connection feature with which it becomes extremely easy to connect the handset to various devices and one can transfer files etc with great comfort. The handset comes with advanced 3.2 mega pixel camera with which one can easily capture the fleeting moments of life in the form of blissful images and awesome videos.

The camera provides high definition video recording with great clarity and wonderful colours. The phone provides a variety of settings and controls that give the users completely mesmerising photos and videos. The settings include ISO settings and the Macro mode. The camera is also supported with LED photo light. The U600 has wonderful 2.2 inches large screen with which the users can easily view the videos and photos which they have shot with the wonderful camera in their handset. The screen provides amazing display with the high resolution of 240 x 340 pixels. The Samsung U600 also features microSD memory card slot for expanding the storage capacity of the phone. This amazing camera phone offers great internet access to the users with the help of the HSDPA feature. The users can get high speed data transfer with the rate of 3.6 mega bits per second. Samsung U600 has incredible music player that can play songs in AAC, eAAC, WMA and MP3 formats.

Nokia N78 is an incredible phone from the N-Series. It has a wonderful 3.2 mega pixel camera that helps the users to shoot videos and click images with great ease. They will be able to get the finest images and videos with the high definition video recording facility and advanced Carl Zeiss lens. The handset has wonderful video playback facility with VGA resolution at 15 frames per second rate. The Nokia N78 comes with the advanced Wi-Fi feature with which the users can connect to the internet with great ease. The phone is equipped with the advanced technologies like GPRS, EDGE and HSCSD. The users can easily surf the websites and check emails etc with the Nokia N78. The wonderful FM radio gives one facility to listen to his or her favourite music tracks and programs on different radio stations. The phone is also equipped with GPS feature with which one can easily get information about various locations, places and routes.

The Samsung U600 and Nokia N78 are the wonderful handsets and have many admirable features. Considering the idiosyncrasies of the various users’ opinions, it is very difficult to declare which one is better between the two.