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Shark Reef Aquarium is back again! The interactive exhibit at Mandalay Bay celebrates its twentieth anniversary this 12 months by reopening with numerous ranges of protection actions in place. You can nevertheless check out sharks, Komodo dragons, piranhas and so a great deal extra, but with the awareness that you are doing so in a secure, socially distanced fashion.

Tickets are now offered at established instances day-to-day from ten a.m. to six p.m., with bookings each individual 50 % hour. Whilst visitors will have to get there inside of the selected thirty-minute time block, there is no demanded exit time, so go on to just take your time soaking in the practical experience. (Tickets can be booked on the net or in particular person at the Shark Reef box office, but it is highly encouraged that site visitors ebook on the net). To inspire a contactless practical experience, you are going to obtain an e-ticket on your cellphone that will be scanned.

There is now a confined potential inside of the Shark Reef Aquarium, so all entrances will be timed. Spacing markers are now obvious on the ground, and masks are demanded (they are offered on request). Hand sanitizer will be offered throughout the exhibit, and there will be two general public restrooms inside of the attraction for hand washing. All handrails and window acrylic will be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

Thanks to MGM Resorts International’s dedication to contactless experiences, two of Shark Reef’s preferred features—the touch pool and Diving with the Sharks—will not be made available at this time.

On the other hand, there’s extra than plenty of here to justify the selling price of admission. Shark Reef Aquarium has lengthy been not just a sensational attraction, but an educational gold mine. If you have bought kids who just noticed Jaws for the very first time and actually want to see sharks in action, there’s no improved introduction. (Sorry, there’s no “Bruce” here, but the sharks you will discover truly feel a great deal menacing in their very own right.)

When you enter, you are going to truly feel it receiving extra humid. That is the exhibit’s “jungle,” which retains the temperature local weather-managed for the Johnston’s Crocodiles and Komodo dragons. There is also a Burmese python and piranha part, just after which you are going to encounter aquarium sights of such South American species as pacu, arapaima, razorback catfish and motoro stingrays.

There is colorful butterfly fish, parrot fish and giant pacific octopus. Really don’t stress, extra sharks are quickly to arrive. You’ll have very a time telling all the distinctive varieties of sharks apart—blacktip reef and gray reef sharks, Galapagos and Port Jackson sharks, sandbar and sand tiger sharks, blacktip reef and whitetip reef sharks, and bonnet head sharks and nurse sharks are all here, mingling in an aquarium spot intended to resemble a shipwreck. Cease awhile and just just take in the sights as fish of all varieties swim about, above and below you.

Mandalay Bay, 702.632.4555

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