September 24, 2023


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‘Shattered’ review: Sex and murder aren’t enough

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The new thriller “Shattered” is intended to be a throwback to the heyday of R-rated and unrated 1990s genre pics — the era when motion pictures aimed at grown ups promised wholesome helpings of sex and violence blended into twisty, pulpy plots. But when “Shattered” director Luis Prieto and screenwriter David Loughery get the floor details correct, they fall short to supply what produced the likes of “Fatal Attraction” and “Single White Female” so memorable: unforgettable figures in stories crackling with contemporary relevance.

Prieto and Loughery do make an effort and hard work, as does their solid. Lilly Krug receives a juicy femme fatale position as Sky, a mysterious seductress who promises to be a former product as she worms her way into the lifetime of Chris (Cameron Monaghan), a reclusive, just lately divorced tech mogul. Right after Chris has an accident that lands him in a wheelchair, Sky results in being his are living-in nurse — earning his belief for motives that might not be so noble.

Krug brings a good deal of verve to Sky, but her spiky strength isn’t matched by Monaghan’s Chris, who as composed is far more of a generic loaded drip. There is much more occurring in “Shattered” on the margins, with quirky supporting performances by Ash Santos as Sky’s frazzled roommate (and occasional lover) Lisa and John Malkovich as the ladies’ sleazy, opportunistic landlord. Frank Grillo also provides some spark when he comes late in the movie, taking part in a pivotal character.

Although “Shattered” is a somewhat shorter film, it will take way too prolonged for Prieto and Loughery to place all these items into enjoy — at which point the tale belatedly does produce some pressure, as we learn additional about who these people today are and how much they’re keen to go to get what they want. In its first hour, as well a great deal of the photograph is centered on Chris, who irrespective of the challenges in his personal daily life (like how much he misses his ex-spouse and their daughter) just is not that compelling a hero.

Granted, Chris’ blandness is aspect of the issue of “Shattered,” which deep in its 3rd act tries to make his prosperity and aloofness considerable, suggesting that all together this has been a story about how social elites can be dangerously naive and out of contact. But that topic feels tacked on, attempting to do what all the before scenes of murder and eroticism could not: Give this viewers ample of a jolt to continue to keep them engaged for more than a couple steamy seconds.


Rated: R for violence, bloody photos, sexual content material, nudity, and language all over

Managing time: 1 hour, 32 minutes

Taking part in: Starts off Jan. 14, Lumiere Audio Hall, Beverly Hills also out there on VOD