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Beginning your event decoration on the right foot is critical. You want your attendees to be enthusiastic and inspired from the first moment they arrive. The first impression on your attendees will set the tone for the remainder of the event. You can make that impression a positive one with these fantastic entrances.

Always be confident that your introduction to the venue suits the event’s style theme. Think clearly of the overall theme as there are so many great ideas for the entrance. 

Art Installation 

Usually, events are stunning indoors! Having a grand entrance will turn the event into a masterpiece concept like no other! You can collaborate with an event management company in Dubai to create an art theme. Your attendees will step in your event through remarkable art.

Build a Scene 

A great theme of an event is the key to your event’s performance. The theming is often evident once you are at the event. Create scenes that match your theme around your entrance.

Create A Welcome Video 

Create a welcoming video that sets the tone before your attendees arrive at the event. It can be action-packed or just a simple one. Have fun and be imaginative, it will be the first impression on your guests!

Enchanting Floral Archways

For many decades, floral archways continued to be the evergreen go-to choice for a grand entrance for event planners. They are not only more affordable than other fancy entrance alternatives, but they stimulate more sense. Everyone loves a fresh floral scent!

Offer a Gift 

You don’t have to wait to give your visitors a present until the end of the night. Why don’t you offer them a gift at the beginning and use the bags to engage your attendants? Don’t just give away brand-name which is expected to be boring. Be creative and use these bags to stimulate your guests to look forward to enjoying all night long!

Nix the Red Carpet and Go Themed 

You can do more without using classic red carpets which have been around forever. Stay away from them and impress your guests with an alternative idea. Don’t go to the normal theme when you can be creative! 

Personal Greetings 

You will place your guests in their comfort zone by sending a few staff members to warmly welcome them at the door so that you can draw on their fascination with the entrance of your event and make a long-lasting impression. 


Have you thought of throwing a party before the event? You can provide a pre-party with a DJ or band, bar and more at the entrance. You could even employ a local quartet to play for a gala and have a bartender on hand to host a pre-party before the main event!Reach professional Event agencies in Dubai to help attendees get away from the stress, whether you are throwing a game festival or a beautiful party event that a perfect entry would recruit the attendees from the get-go!

VIP Check-In Tent 

If you have VIPs attending your event, make sure that they feel exceptional from the minute they arrive. A VIP check-in tent can be a great way to get an event started and give a good impression. The tent can be set up as a lounge offering drinks with comfortable seatings and exclusive services like a VIP photo-booth.

Don’t Forget to Direct Your Audience

More appropriately referred to as “pre-entrance preparations,” it includes the use of simple, crisp-font signage in easily accessible places to lead the attendees to the grand entrance of your event, ensuring that your guests join the venue without any ambiguity that weighs down their attention so that they can fully get fascinated and experience the visual exhibition before them.

Be Intentional

Make sure you go internationally for any big event entry concept you pick. Don’t use the latest trend because it is trendy. Just make sure your grand entrance suits the event’s budget. And why you have your event and your goals in the first place, and use your grand entrance to help with those reasons.


A perfect event entrance can captivate, amaze, charm and/or thrill your guests and it is where the audience’s journey starts, and its visual impact will subconsciously elicit a powerful emotional reaction that can last for the rest of the event and affect their decisions. Note, the first effect on the mind of your guests is created by the visual power of the event entrance that awaits them, not by the people who are there to greet them.