A Saint John filmmaker unintentionally turned the graphic of just one of his interview topics into a often funny, in some cases cruel internet meme 20 many years ago. 

Now he wishes to convey to him he’s sorry, but he just has to uncover him first.

It was 2002 when Greg Hemmings set out to make a documentary about a subculture of die-really hard audio competition-goers who travelled across North The us to attend performances by touring jam bands.

Around several months of filming that summer time, Hemmings ended up interviewing dozens of people at several concerts across the U.S.

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HOUSTON – Is this genuine or just seriously great video modifying? That is what many lovers had been left questioning following singer Jason Derulo posted a video of him “accidentally” knocking out the teeth of actor Will Smith.

Derulo, also identified for his popular TikTok films, collaborated with Smith in Instagram’s new attribute called Reels. In the video, Smith seems to be training Derulo how to golfing, when Derulo “accidentally” knocks Smith in the mouth with his club.

Smith smiled for the video, where by you can see a couple of of his entrance teeth missing. So the lingering question,

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