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  • The creative team behind “Impressions of the Infinte”: Strasenburgh Planetarium Director Steve Fentress and Ian Sherman of the funk fusion band Vanishing Sun.

It’s been more than a year and half ago since musician Ian Sherman and the Rochester Museum & Science Center’s Strasenburgh Planetarium Director Steve Fentress planned to premiere the show “Impressions of the Infinite” — combining live music performed by Sherman’s band Vanishing Sun with Fentress’s real-time manipulation

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WHAT Started as an plan of two Barbadians – Ian Webster and Cheyne Jones – reworked into We Obtained This, a track which proved adequate to stir the collective creativeness of 25 recording artistes from fourteen international locations throughout the region, disseminating the pertinent concept that there is practically nothing the Caribbean are not able to achieve once there is unity.

Jamaican Kaay Jones who is listened to chanting at the beginning – “We obtained this, haffi mek it, nu have no odda decision but to be strong” – stated the monitor was a properly-necessary job to present a feeling

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Humanity has turn into just one of the ‘now’ phrases as nations grapple with the invisible monster termed COVID-19. At the conclude of March, the United Nations released a US$two-billion coordinated world-wide humanitarian response program to battle COVID-19 in some of the world’s most vulnerable nations. Previous Friday, producer Collin ‘Bulby’ York produced a single titled ‘ Humanitarian’, in recognition of the power of music, the most consumed form of lifestyle globally, to soothe and recover, especially through these bleak periods.

An audio engineer as perfectly as a producer who has worked with some of the massive names in

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