That’s one way to send a message.

A spouse is going viral for recording herself putting center finger collectible figurines by her husband’s messes.

“I purchased these very little center finger collectible figurines to put all over the house when I see some thing I’m disappointed with,” TikTok consumer and restaurant proprietor Sandra Jeenie Kwon suggests to the camera, in a online video with extra than six.4 million sights.

She places them by “crusty a– contacts beside the bed,” discarded hairs from shaving and dirty laundry. The approach struck a chord with her followers.

“The center finger collectible figurines finished

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Perusing the archives of Bob Andy’s repertoire, contained in a 2005 interview I did with him, I stumbled on some extremely appealing offers by the songwriting genius that are truly worth sharing. Andy, who passed away on March 27, is deemed Jamaica’s most prolific songwriter in well known tunes, but he was also a genius at expressing himself on matters that have been of deep problem to him, musically and in any other case.

As a youthful boy, he ran away from residence and finished up in another residence. It was at that ‘other home’ that his initial inspiration for

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