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  • The Dryden Theatre

The problem with our new reality is, we simply cannot see it from exactly where we are now.

The new reality, of course, is COVID-19. The figures — additional than 600,000 dead globally, additional than one hundred forty,000 dead in the United states — tell us the virus is not a conspiracy principle. Science tells us it’s not likely to simply just vanish.

Yet, like zombies stumbling by means of an apocalyptic landscape, our tradition carries on to lookup for nourishment. Some of these endeavours — the

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Just one of the times that stand out for Delano Forbes, the present-day CEO of Phase 3 Productions, was when his mother and father dropped all the things in a hearth in 1999 and they experienced to practically begin from scratch, as there was no insurance policies to cushion the blow. Like the phoenix, Phase 3, a full-services television and multimedia creation firm, rose from the ashes, and flew on, gloriously celebrating their 35th anniversary a couple weeks back.

“I was a teenager at the time and I remember thinking initially that all the things would be Alright, because there

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