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  • The creative team behind “Impressions of the Infinte”: Strasenburgh Planetarium Director Steve Fentress and Ian Sherman of the funk fusion band Vanishing Sun.

It’s been more than a year and half ago since musician Ian Sherman and the Rochester Museum & Science Center’s Strasenburgh Planetarium Director Steve Fentress planned to premiere the show “Impressions of the Infinite” — combining live music performed by Sherman’s band Vanishing Sun with Fentress’s real-time manipulation

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Though we just can’t physically show up at a present less than the dome at the Strasenburgh Planetarium dome ideal now, the team have been bringing the miracles of space straight to enthusiasts by means of the no cost, continual Digital Planetarium collection. The established of videos has provided a collection known as “The Sky This Week” that previews celestial bodies and gatherings of observe, in-depth explorations of distinct planets, and a special highlight on the 2024 complete photo voltaic eclipse.

The movie dropping on Wednesday, May well twenty, characteristics Planetarium Director Steve Fentress in discussion with space creator Rod

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