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How exciting is it to go see a movie? How about when you go to a hibachi restaurant? Now let’s put those two things together, and it equals live theater. It can be a bit pricey from time to time but nothing can relate to live theater. The main advantage to live theater is the fact that the customer and audience have a more intimate feeling compared to going to the movies, or watching television at home. Watching the performer in front of your eyes; maybe they even shoot you a glance, just creates a special moment which will always be cherished and remembered. It creates a particular experience, which can only be achieved by being there to witness it. 

Some live shows are based on musicals, music sung to you directly from the performer. Music that engulfs your entire being and makes you feel all types of emotions such as, happiness, sadness and of course anger. Sometimes the music is so empowering it makes the customer want to buy the entire music album. Other live theater is based on a play, movie, or television show. Maybe it is something you have seen in the past, which makes the audience feel like they can relate to it even more. 

Other live theaters have specific characters with masks. Things like commedia masks are pretty unique and breathtaking. A lot of them requiring an expert artist to help create the emotion you would normally see on ones face. Being that the entire actors face is covered from the upper lip to the forehead by the mask there has to be a distant characteristic on each mask to help the audience understand what is happening. Mask in the past were made out of genuine leather, but currently made out of neoprene a synthetic polymer resembling rubber, resistant to oil, heat, and weathering. As per Wikipedia click here to read the article on Wikipedia there are several groups in which the masks can be classed into: the old man, the young and adventurous man, the servant, and another old man with different facial expressions and features.
Based on another article by Geoff Hoyle on the New York Times Click here to read the article on the New York Times there were no actual rehearsals or scripts, apparently it was done on the spot, improvising at its finest, possibly to protect from copyright issues. So chances are if you wanted to see the play more than once you were seeing two completely different shows. Most of the masks back then were specifically cut off to fall above the actor’s upper lip. That way the actor could speak clearly without showing a trace of the facial gestures underneath his or her mask.

So if you are ever interested in viewing one of these cool plays, you’ll have to do your research. Most of them now appear online as literature; others are just plain images of people with masks. There are some television shows and movies that still exist. You just have to do your investigation.