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Jewish has a belief that The Lord created the world all through six days and rested on the seventh day. Hence they also follow the same thing. Every labor work is being done throughout the six days and then the Shabbat or the holiday is celebrated in the seventh day.

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The Shabbat has the rules of two basic things- keep it and remember it. One has to follow the Shabbat confirmly and one must do it in a way which would make everyone remember. Shabbat is being celebrated with foods and family meals which take them at one place. Thus Shabbat is an important part of the Jewish culture.

What actually the kuddish is?

According to the Shabbat rituals, a kuddish is being performed. It is the way of sanctifying the drinks and the meals over the Shabbat. The head of the Shabbat will recite the kuddish with the wine in the Kuddish cup or goblet. Then after the sanctification is done, the goblet is being passed to other participants of the Shabbat. They take little of the wine in their cup and then pass it the others. This is a ritual which is being done in the name of Lord and is recited on the eve of the meals especially the morning meal.

As it is a tradition, hence most of the families have their traditional cup or goblet. Normally the kuddish is being served over the silver cups. But that is not at all compulsory one. Any cup can serve the purpose. But the silver cups looks very beautiful and adorn the meal table in splendid way. Earlier the kuddish cups used to carry the tradition of the family and hence they need to be in expensive metals. Kuddish cups are available in variety of designs to make an honorable appearance over the table.

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So if you want to buy a new kuddish cup and want to replace the old one, then have a look at these collections. Even silver plated kuddish cups are available which makes the cups more affordable than the silver ones. Each of these cups is coated with golden which makes it perfect for kuddish ritual at Shabbat.