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Introduction to Putlockers 2018
One of the top trending pirated website to stream newly released movies and TV shows in 1080 pixels and for free is Putlockers website. It has recently launched new site Putlockers 2018 that is trending hot. One can watch high quality videos for free in Putlockers 2018 website.

Putlockers is not legal in some countries like the UK and India. But still the users there use VPN and free proxies to run the website in their local IP addresses. The craze to watch new movies at the comfort of our home is not the least reduced.

The seamless entertainment streaming is welcomed by all movie and TV series lovers. The advertisements is the major source of income in Putlockers website. Hence it streams the latest movies with safety. Putlockers 2018 website has a login page on top where you can login using your face book account, Google account or twitter account.

Putlockers Mirror Sites
Putlockers 2018 has a average of 1.7 million viewers. Putlockers has many mirror sites too for being blocked. It has changed the domain name many times. These mirror websites are cloned websites that offers the same content as the original Putlockers website. It is unofficially maintained by the same Putlockers staffs. The users use proxy, VPN and alternate domain to do the streaming. Once the original Putlockers website has a new content, the mirror websites also get updated automatically by the backup staffs who work on its maintenance.,, are some of the popular proxy servers and mirror sites available to the users. Many more such proxies are available which you can get on a quick research online for free. These proxies work even if you are in any corner of the world.

Virtual Private Network or VPN is the best means to get American IP address. Your original IP address is hidden and you are given a temporary IP address. Express VPN, Cyberghost and NordVPN are popular VPN in the UK. Register with VPN, install the VPN app, find a US server, and you are connected and assigned a US IP address to download the movies from Putlockers website. In spite of blocking the website by many governments, Putlockers still exists and is the most spoken word among movie lovers. One also has to be aware that the free proxies does not hide your original IP address and there are more chances of getting caught. So it is always advisable to watch only by using VPN for safety reasons.

Putlockers Mobile App
Putlocker has recently come up with a smart phone mobile app. There is no need of proxy server in these mobile apps and makes the free movie downloads easy. It has a user friendly interface to watch movies and TV series. The mobile app developing team does an excellent job to maintain the app and its updates on a regular basis. Since it is illegal, you cannot find the app in the PlayStore or the AppleStore. Instead. you have to download it from specific websites only.