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Time is ticking — but followers aren’t certain toward what.

Diehard followers of the “Twilight” saga identified a trail of mysterious clues on the social media accounts and web page of series author Stephenie Meyer this 7 days.

The homepage of the forty six-calendar year-old writer’s web page has been set to function a clock counting down right up until Monday.

The social media backlinks down below the clock all go to accounts for Fickle Fish Movies, a manufacturing firm Meyer co-started, which made film adaptions of her sci-fi novel “The Host” and the 2013 rom-com “Austenland.” Throughout individuals accounts, films have been posted featuring a starry night time sky and a day rely to Monday.

The tease has followers weighing in on what challenge Meyer is hinting at, with a lot of hoping it has something to do with the cult vampire guides.

“Everyone’s indicating this has something to do with ‘The Host,’ but my tiny coronary heart is keeping the tiniest bit of hope that it could possibly be ‘Twilight’ associated,” tweets one lover.

Other people hope it has something to do with “Midnight Sun,” a companion novel to “Twilight,” which had 12 chapters leaked in 2008. In response, Meyer stopped crafting it and posted a partial draft to her web page.

“Me crying and clutching onto the crumbs barely huge plenty of to point to ‘Midnight Sun,’ ” writes one tentative hopeful.

“My mind: ‘The Host”s sequel. My coronary heart: ‘Midnight Sun,’ ” guesses one more. “Either way, I’m so excited.”

In other “Twilight”-associated news, Robert Pattinson, 33, who portrayed Edward Cullen in the film adaption of the guides, exposed that although he’s grow to be a intercourse symbol, he does not just smell like one. In March, the English stud advised Attract that “lots of men and women inform me I smell like a crayon … like I’m embalmed.”

Other highlights of the weird interview incorporated the fact that when he auditioned for “Twilight,” he claims he seemed like “a newborn with a wig on.”

“I had finished a task where I’d dyed my hair black,” he described, “but I had an inch and a fifty percent of roots, and I had waxed my human body … then I had a number of months where I’d been drinking beer all day, so I had this hairless, chubby human body.”