September 28, 2023


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Two Clever Ways to Take Inspiration from Other Artists Without Copying Them — Caryl Fine Art

Two Clever Ways to Take Inspiration from Other Artists Without Copying Them — Caryl Fine Art

If you are an artist, I can ensure that you get inspiration from other artists. Whether or not you are motivated by the “late greats” like Van Gogh or Picasso or you have been greatly impacted by your artwork teachers (which includes me) or fantastic artists you have found on social media, your intellect is filled with thoughts for artwork that have sprung from the artworks of many others. And that is ok—it’s pure.

On the other hand, what is not okay is copying other artists wholesale. 1st, it is mistaken from a copyright infringement perspective (if you are copying very carefully). And if you’re not copying particularly but your artwork appears as well a great deal like that of one more, you are currently being unoriginal and not bringing forward your individual voice.

But what’s a building artist to do? We glimpse to other artists for education and inspiration but we want a technique for how to acquire our possess unique do the job in the course of action. Listed here are two sensible strategies to do this:

1. Acquire the Buffet Tactic

When my loved ones attends a big buffet brunch, you can be confident that we all return to the desk with vastly unique plates of meals. My plate will be composed of half yummy fruit, an egg, and a slice of bacon. My brother’s plate will be 50 % bacon (really don’t tell his medical professional!), some asparagus, and a deviled egg. In the meantime my partner will have hit the charcuterie board and have a range of cheeses and meats, along with a bagel. You get the strategy!

You can use this tactic when it arrives to becoming inspired by other artists. Most likely you like the shade palette of just one artist, and you mix it with the mark creating inspiration from a further artist, together with a layering approach encouraged by however yet another artist. By cobbling collectively your possess exclusive “buffet plate” from a assortment of artists, you are guaranteed to build your possess original artwork without having copying those people artists.