September 26, 2023


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Video: Bermuda Arts Council Honour Six People

Main Kenneth Dill, Marjorie Pettit, the late Ted Ming, Daren Herbert and Paul & Penelope Leseur are remaining honoured at the Bermuda Arts Council once-a-year awards ceremony this evening [Feb 20].

The event is a hybrid in-individual and digital party, and as far as the digital portion, the movie underneath was released, which stated, video’s description mentioned, “Bermuda Arts Council celebrates 6 Bermudians who have manufactured major contributions to the island’s arts and cultural scene with their entire body of get the job done: Maj. Kenneth [Toki] Dill, Mrs. Marjorie Pettit, the late Mr. Thaddeus (Ted) Ming, Mr. Paul and Mrs. Penelope Leseur, and Mr. Daren Herbert.” out?v=wWs6d2DD_E8

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