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January is about as sluggish as it receives in the Victoria tourism industry, but inns and places to eat in B.C.’s cash city may well be obtaining a improve this week.

Which is since Fleet Road journos and other worldwide media are probable to be back again to scrummage all-around for a lot more details on the actions of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Video footage is currently likely all-around the environment of Prince Harry hopping off a WestJet plane on Vancouver Island this morning.

He’s back again in B.C. to be reunited with his spouse Meghan, who’s been noticed strolling two puppies when carrying son Archie.

Video: Check out the NBC These days‘s report on Prince Harry’s return to Vancouver Island.

“I will continue to be the identical man who holds his country dear,” Harry explained in a speech ahead of leaving the U.K.

Down below, you can see a latest Instagram publish in which Harry spelled out his determination to live portion-time in North The united states.

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